What To Make Of A Study About Gaming And Sexism

A recent multi-year study of German gamers might cast doubt on the idea that sexist content in video games can affect sexist attitudes in gamers. But the researchers behind the study caution that their findings shouldn’t be oversimplified.

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thorstein1067d ago

That's because we learn from real world models. Ergo, if a child is brought up in a sexist household, in a sexist society, with sexist laws, that child will be sexist.

If that child is brought up in a household wherein there is love and respect amongst adults, in a society that accepts people based on the content of their character, and in a country where laws allow people to have equality, then the child will not be sexist.

It isn't rocket science to figure out that media, especially fictional media, doesn't have as much an effect on children's mind as people want to think.