Grand Theft Auto V Benchmarked: Pushing PC Graphics To The Limit

Steven Walton:"It’s been nearly two decades, but I can still remember wreaking havoc in the original Grand Theft Auto and GTA 2 like it was yesterday. Both games were a blast but Rockstar really blew our minds when it shifted from bird’s-eye visuals to a fully 3D game engine and environment with GTA III in 2001, allowing players to experience open world mayhem across Liberty City from a third-person perspective."

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DonkeyDoner1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

for me Dragon Age Inquisition man that game really beautiful

Khajiit861189d ago

My personal GOTY last year. Every area is unique and amazing.

Mkai281189d ago

Hopefully when these new APIs come out it will no longer push it to its limits.