Project CARS: Status Gold, Release Details and a Minor Eurogamer Controversy

A look at the latest tidbits from the year's most anticipated Racing-Sim coming May 7th, 2015.

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SynGamer1162d ago

TL;DR - EG played a build from February and basically slammed the console versions for fps dipping into the 30's in some circumstances. Slightly Mad Studios (the dev) have since gone on record to clarify that EG played a build from February, and in the two months since then, they have fixed the bugs in question and made further we see with every other game out there that nears release.

Gamer19821162d ago

"If anything, anticipation for the game has only escalated to a pandemic level. "

On what planet?? The hype for this game was quite big until the delays came thick and fast and a lot of people lost interest.. There will be some hype for this game as there is always for a new IP by a big publisher but not as much as there was. Certainly not on a "pandemic level"

WESKER20151162d ago

eurogamer lol, joke site, its a place where fanboys kick each other in the balls over blades of grass and 2fps differences, kinda like N4G, but N4G has SWAG, thats why i come here, N4G has personality ;)

gameboy11162d ago

WiiU version will be my choice there doing alot with the gamepad and I'm sure Andy said wiiu version will prob be 720p Native at a locked 30fps....if it is then WiiU will be the best version.

gameboy11161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

And everyone was bashing wiiu version for 30fps ?

All i know is there was a article on cinemablend and it basically confirms wiiu has almost all the physics/graphics in place...