DX12 And New GPU Tech Will Make High Resolution, High Frame Rate VR Possible, API Is Incredibly Fast

nDream's CEO on DirectX 12 and VR combination.

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lifeisgamesok1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

More people talking about Directx 12 benefits is always good :)

To think that games that look amazing now weren't even done with the latest API is crazy

If VR takes off Microsoft will join but to be honest I can't see VR being widely adopted until years from now

holysmokesbatman1036d ago

VR looks amazing BUT, I really can't see myself using it anytime soon be it oculus,Sony or MS, it just seems isolating... Perhaps MS have the least anti social offering but either way I'm a family man and just can't see it working in my household.

Kal0psia1036d ago

Approved denial!

I see nothing wrong with Dx12 making VR better. You actually think consoles will improve VR? ...pffftt, shame on you.

eldingo1036d ago

heres hoping we can one day get 60 fps back to being a standard in games mmmm so smooth.

LifeInNZ1036d ago

Back to being a standard? When was it ever the standard?

eldingo1036d ago (Edited 501d ago )

you may not realize this but the original jak and dexter games along with ratchet and clank were 60 fps right up until into the nexus where it went 30fps
and keep in mind the orginals were on the ps2 as in two console generations ago.

@kurruptor fair enough but if games can get 60 frames on the ps2 while on the next generation consoles they struggle to keep 30 frames per second during the gameplay what does that tell you about the devs priorities about how their game should function A game running smoother in the gameplay department is something i would take anyday over the better gwaphics (so gweat guys who needs smoother gameplay anyway lol XD).

kurruptor1036d ago

Listing a few games doesn't prove any standard existed.

Roccetarius1036d ago

Unfortunately, 30 is currently the standard due to the chains holding us back. Maybe DX12 will give us a much needed boost.

Spyroo1036d ago

nah i'd take better graphics over minor frames, people love to exaggerate the frames, such brainwash

marlinfan101036d ago

Resolution is whats exaggerated these days. Fps directly plays into how well the game plays.

n4rc1036d ago

i agree marlin.. framerate is huge.. resolution isnt even noticed by 95% of people within reason (even tho most claim to)..

SpecialK1036d ago

Unless the graphics are allowing a new gameplay mechanic, I'd take the frames.

Graphics look great for the five mins you marvel at them, but still years on I'm playing Timesplitters on the PS2 occasionally, and age of empires on the PC. By today's standards the graphics are trash but they run good.

its_JEFF1036d ago

I agree. Frames, not resolution, have a direct impact of gameplay. But, what gets a bigger impact news wise? something only being 900p or something only being 30fps? sadly the answer is resolution... it's gets the biggest reactions. My fingers are crossed that this changes over the generation.

krypt19831036d ago

only games that need to be 60fps are competitive mutli games anything else is just a cherry on top..

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kingduqc1036d ago

DX12 is going to help pc games that are all already playing 60fps.

Kumomeme1036d ago

the original jak and dexter games fps doesnt had anything to do with gaming standard fps

until now,60fps never been standard except 30fps..quite long road to get there

those games at ps2 era that had 60fps are different story,but no reason to use that as standard...beside,not all games were 60fps during that era to

eldingo1035d ago

Im just saying if ps2 games had 60 fps why is it almost none of the ps4 games have it this is 2 console genereations later after all i don't know about you but graphics aren't everything thats my opinion.

BallsEye1036d ago

30 will stay standard due to idiots always fighting over 1080peee and better graphics on still shots so they can post it on internet and show it off to competitive camp. Majority on this website is certain brand lovers whom we can thank for holding gaming back.

kraenk121036d ago

DX12 will to 99% improve the PC on which games today already are 60 FPS as standard, assuming you have the hardware.

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jhoward5851036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

DX12 supports dual GPU setup which is very Good for VR gaming.

MasterCornholio1036d ago

“Yes. DX12 seems to be incredibly fast and capable of delivering some massive performance benefits,” he said to GamingBolt. “We’ve been talking to both AMD and nVidia, and I think you’ll see the combination of DX12 and new PC graphics card technology make high-resolution, high quality, high frame-rate PC VR achievable.”



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