We’re not talking about what VR is doing to our eyes … and our brains

GamesBeat: An expert view on the health and safety risks around virtual reality … or everything you wanted to know about VR but were afraid to ask.

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twdll1064d ago

Just watch Wall-E and there ya go...

SpaceRanger1064d ago

Haha bubble+ up for making a funny.

But yeah I've been wondering about stuff like this ever since VR and AR started gaining more traction in the news.

Tzuno1064d ago

Man letting aside the health risk i will not use one of these stupid things on my face who make you look like a fool in the middle of the room pointing in all directions, fk that, i am not interested in your box over my face, maybe when they will release a device that looks like a pair of glasses just like MS wants.

fanboysmackdown1064d ago

I'm with you. And who really knows the long term health risks with these things, I'm not willing to take that chance.

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starchild1064d ago

I definitely think some caution is in order.

That said, we didn't (and still don't completely) know the long term health risks of video games, but that didn't stop millions from jumping in.

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StevenSeagul1064d ago

I think the problem with VR starts when we can't tell the difference between VR and reality, and when we begin to ask ourselves if we have already been connected to a VR device all our lives.

BC_Master_Haze1064d ago

Why is the universe mathematical? We are already a simulation. Maybe you're just trapped in one already, multiple times over.

starchild1064d ago

I believe that reality, at the fundamental level, is simply information.

In a sense, we likely are already in a simulation of sorts. But that doesn't make it any less real.

Spotie1064d ago

More specifically, reality is our interpretation of sensory information.

Donnywho1064d ago

Headaches, head pains, eye strain. NO, I'd rather game with 2 second degree burn blisters on both my thumbs than use this stuff, and I have. Listen, you couldn't give this stuff away to me.

Donnywho1064d ago

Dark Side of the Moon, hell yea. Both what?

BC_Master_Haze1064d ago

Was just sarcasm to your negatives of each. I'm luckily near sighted so I don't get eye strain :)

Yeah I was gonna have the original artwork but I saw this one (if the thumbnail doesn't show its a bunch of Eevee evolutions)

starchild1064d ago

I already get headaches, head pains and eye strain from playing videogames.

It's all about setting sensible limits and finding a balance.

solar1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

psh, doctors said my eyes would get progressively worse, they havent gotten worse in 23 years of life, and staring at a screen to play video games.

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The story is too old to be commented.