DICE teases new Battlefield 4 map

DICE has released the first images of the brand new Battlefield 4 community map.

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crazychris41241039d ago

Hope its well made, loved the jungle maps in Bad Company 2 like Laguna Presa, Valparaiso, Panama Canal, all 4 from the Vietnam DLC.

Minute Man 7211039d ago

While we are on the subject of BF when is the night time patch coming out?

BALLARD321039d ago

The DICE LA team have been killing it since they took over Battlefield 4. They seem to very passionate about the franchise.

EazyC1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

I remember about 2 months ago when they were asking for community suggestions for ideas, lot of guys on the forum asked for a nighttime airport map, with working commercial planes, modelled on Gatwick or something, runways and everything - Thought it sounded amazing, but probably wouldn't be possible.

MooseyXTC1038d ago

There was a poll months ago asking what maps the Battlefield veterans would want to see return.
It listed EVERY map from every Battlefield game ever made.
Hoping some BF2/2142 love comes with this Community Map patch.