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Games On Net: "If this is your first time setting foot in Los Santos, I envy you. I envy you for your fresh eyes, and the fidelity of the shockingly detailed city they’re about to soak up. For your ability to completely bypass to some of the most frustrating aspects of GTA game and mission design, simply by reaching over and picking up a different input device."

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Maul_T_Pass1336d ago

Envy? Not sure why atm. I haven't come across a single person able to play this game at very high settings at a respectable frame rate. Too many stutters and dips right now. Howpefully a patch is in bound...

roadtrucker1335d ago

i can run is at a smooth 60/1080p with a 970 card

AnteCash1335d ago

Thats not surprising since its a high end card.


KrystofKage11335d ago

Wish I had that luck. I have a laptop, nvidia 880m. Bumping Shader or grass quality anything above normal drops frame rate below 30.

NiteX1335d ago

Yeah was just about to say with a 970 it runs very well. It's a damn good looking game.

Angels37851335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

You'll still get dips..

I have a gtx 970 sc and with everything maxed it drops below 60 quite a bit and stutters... You HAVE to turn stuff down to maintain a constant 60. The ultra shadows alone nearly half your frame rate not to mention msaa

I think he is under the impression that people are able to max out the game easily with locked 60fps and 1080p. This is obviously not the case even at 1080p.

I can have it mostly maxed on mine to where it doesn't drive below 60, but frame issues do start to become apparent even on my high end card if I go any higher

Haki11121335d ago

970 is knocking this game out the park solid 60fps/1080p over here with all the bells and whistles

mikeslemonade1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Yep I will backup what Angels said. I got two of the lower end 970s and the game actually bugs out and you see artifacts when you turn everything on.

Turn on FSAA, MXAA8, and TSAA. Just turn everything absolutely on and you will see a GTX970SLI not even able to handle it well. I get about 38 frames average with artifacts.

And also not that impressed with GTAV so far on the PC. I played the PS3 version in 2013 and having hard time seeing where the game looks that much better.

If I'm playing side by side then it's quite noticeable, but just playing the PC version right now I'm not being blown away in many areas of the game. Just several instances the game looks even that great.

edit: lol don't believe anybody who says they got one 970 and they running on max 60. That's so untrue. Turn AA to MXAA8. Sure I was getting 120 frames with no AA, TSAA, or FSAA too.

Maul_T_Pass1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Would you mind listing your settings? Have you done any special settings in windows or in nvidia control panel? Thanks in advanced G. For those of you that are running 60fps, do you notice any slow downs while driving? Are you using any MSAA?

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Dojan1231335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

I have a 760 and running respectable settings. No frame rate issues.

_LarZen_1335d ago

Running GTA5 on my over 2 year old PC with a AMD 7970 GhEd. 1080p @60fps on high/very high settings.

DougLord1335d ago

It's the SAME GAME. Slightly better GFX doesn't make it better. I played on my PS3. It was OK. No reason to rebuy it. And I have a pretty powerful PC.

m1armor1335d ago

Thats your choice move along

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