Toukiden Kiwami Gameplay - One of Omega Force's Best Games

Toukiden Kiwami releases on PS4, PS Vita and provides some solid action adventuring making it a departure from the usual Dynasty Warriors games Omega Force are well known for.

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Gatsu1067d ago

Looks great imo :). I used to play Dynasty Warriors a lot. This looks quite different from them which is a good thing.

I wanna get this.

Drithe1067d ago

Love this game. Wished more played it.

paul-p19881067d ago

There are a LOT more people playing this than Toukiden Age of Demons, that game was seriously underappreciated!

Skate-AK1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Need to get this. Have played 4 hours on the demo alone.