Star Wars: Battlefront - What We Expect

We in Sirus Gaming put some thoughts about what we expect of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront this November 17, 2015.Part of this, our editor-in-chief has wrote:

"I would expect more gameplay experience and a whole bigger map and number of players in-game."

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Dlacy13g1157d ago

I don't want to be right but part of me thinks this is gonna feel a lot more Battlefield like than DICE claims it will.

OB1Biker1157d ago

So the 2 guys in the article:

1. '“Not really much of a fan of the franchise, ..... I might try it out, still.”'
2.'“I cant really say much about Battlefront since I haven’t played this game'

Okayyy whatever

and again the site does say there s single player mode:
From the official site :
'Fight for the Empire or Republic offline, solo or with a friend'

kraenk121157d ago

There won't be a campaign but one can play solo with bots.

Grave1157d ago

Expect to get screwed. It's EA.