5 of the best Star Wars games ever

With Star Wars: Battlefront in our sight, we looked back to the previous Star Wars games. In our oppinion these are the best ever made.

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hoppermania856d ago

Adding to this: The Old Republic!

SpinalRemains138856d ago

Thank goodness the 4 hour disaster of FU II wasn't there.

Worst game ever! Fun to play until you finish it only 4 hrs in.

Allsystemgamer856d ago

Yea I was so damn mad about it. I loved the first. It was rough around the edges but was really fun. Then...the second...

HRoach616856d ago

Yeah the first one was really good imo. The second had better controls and abilities but everything else was well below the standard on the first one.

Lord_Sloth856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

Needs more Shadows of the Empire and Jedi Outcast.

WizzroSupreme855d ago

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II is my favorite Star Wars game.

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