Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Size Revealed On PS Store; A Meager 25GB

The US and EU PS Store on the PS4 might have revealed the meager file size for the PS4 version of Star Wars Battlefront.

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Hellsvacancy974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

25GB? yeah could luck making it look as good as it does in the none gameplay trailer released yesterday

seanpitt23974d ago

Don't forget it has no campaign Its all MP and supposedly there is only 4 maps.

Geoff900974d ago

They do compress downloads you know?

Plus it could be placeholder size, the actual amount will be revealed closer to release.

Allsystemgamer974d ago

4 planets. DICE already said there's more than 1 map per planet. Does no one read anymore?

radiantmind13974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

It is not 4 maps. DICE or EA haven't announced how many maps will ship. Just the 4 worlds that the maps will be on. 5 including dlc.

I try not to assume too much as I'm usually wrong, however it would be pretty safe to say that there will be more than 1 map per world.

My guess is probably 2-3 maps per with final count around 10-12 maps.

Eonjay974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

There are 4 planets Not maps. there are more than 2 maps per world so that's at least 12 maps.

Also, the game isn't even done yet so the 25GB is obviously a placeholder

Mikefizzled974d ago

DICE confirmed at least 8 maps. Without the free dlc.

Neixus974d ago

Did you even play the old battlefront games?
There was no ''campaign'' only single player missions on multiplayer levels.

Rimeskeem974d ago

4 maps?

They already said 8+ maps with 2 per planet at least.

Primal974d ago

Four planets, multiple maps.

Randostar974d ago

4 planets, each one containing 2 - 3 maps.

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Crimzon974d ago

I'm just amazed that people will happily buy a game that they haven't even seen any gameplay footage of yet. I'll never understand why people preorder games, it's the stupidest thing throwing money at companies just because you like the look of their carefully crafted advertisements.

vallencer974d ago

They don't get any money until you buy it. You know that right? I mean you usually get stuff for pre ordering and if you decide you don't want it just get your money back. I don't understand this hate of pre ordering.

spacedelete974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

don't be amazed. people are dumb sheep. there are people who paid full price and preordered The Order. most gamers are dumb. no wonder these game companies take advantage. they would be crazy not to.

bananaboats974d ago

I pre-order, primarily from gamestop because:

1. I can pay for the game over time.
2. The bonus content you sometimes get.
3. I'm competent enough to know if I'm going to like a game or not. I currently have 4 games on pre-order and I wouldn't spend my money on them if I didn't think they would be good.

Just like vallencer said the company doesn't get the money right away but it lets them know how many people they have that pre-ordered.

HammadTheBeast974d ago

They pre-order I guess because it's $5 for a potentially good or bad game. Nothing too major, can always be swapped out.

Gority974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

A lot of places you can preorder and you don't get billed till the game releases? What's so hard to understand about that? And i know $60 is a decent amount of money, but for some people it's not. If you know you have a bunch of friends getting the same game, it isn't exactly as big of a risk.

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Pandamobile974d ago

Since when does download size correlate with the level of graphical fidelity of a game?

Hint: It doesn't.

Ravenor974d ago

This is N4G, logic has no place here.

bananaboats974d ago

people automatically assume that bigger equals better. It's a failed logic of too many people in this world

Hellsvacancy974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

Size can be a good indicator for what's to come, what's the harm in thinking that?

Pandamobile974d ago

The harm is that it's a false equivalency.

Games that have obese file sizes are usually more indicative of lengthy pre-rendered cut scenes, uncompressed audio and wide localization support than of graphics.

Qrphe974d ago

They probably haven't figured it would not have cutscenes if that were the case.

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3-4-5974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

* You guys realize that most of the size of games comes from the audio right?

Stop acting like you know what 25 GB equates to.

You don't.

* For all we know, you remove the audio, the DATA could only be 5-10 GB.....

like go get some stats so we can discuss before you just start acting like 25 GB = not a good looking game.

So obsessed with what a's like your purposely TRYING to not like something.

ManOfTheYear1974d ago

HUH...I would have thought the listing that the output being 720p would have been bigger news.

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EdnaJones97974d ago

they always do this with none gameplay trailers just hope the final game looks even remotely close

Hellsvacancy974d ago

It won't though, on the PC it might come close, have people not learnt this about typical business practise by now

Allsystemgamer974d ago

Well according to DICE it does currently look like that on PS4. They just states it in an interview.

Randostar974d ago

Well the DEMO that thousands of people saw yesterday was running on a PS4. They said it looked almost identical to the trailer. It def keeps that cinematic graphic look when your playing, at least thats what everyone who has seen it has said...........THEY MUST ALL BE LIARS THOUGH!

jerethdagryphon974d ago

Chances are thats the download size compressed bloodborne is 29gig from a disc so no idea driveclub from digital is 22 with dlc and updates

BartMoons974d ago

It probably is a compressed size. The Witcher is 25GB as well on the XBox Store and around 30 when uncompressed

Eiyuuou974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

I hope they'll do an open beta. That's pretty much the only way they'll have a chance to convince me to buy this game atm.

bleedsoe9mm974d ago

this game is a long ways out do we really think they know the exact size of the disk at this point .

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