Uncharted Movie Leak Shows Hollywood Remains Clueless Adapting Games

In December 2014, Sony Pictures was reportedly breached by North Korean hackers over the controversy of “The Interview,” and thousands of confidential files and documents were leaked. The fallout from the attack is not yet over, however, as WikiLeaks Editor-in Chief, Julian Assange, published thousands of files on Thursday from the hack, one of which being an email from Sony executive Adam North sent to Amy Pascal and other Sony executives about the current plans for the Uncharted movie.

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ArchangelMike1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

To be honest I've already given up on the Uncharted movie. Movies that come out of development hell end the same as games that come out of development hell. They don't do very well and are not very good.

When you have a video game film, being directed and written by rookie screen writers and directors, and who are making comments like "our script greatly expands on the characters and makes SIGNIFICANT CHANGES..."

Well the one thing gamers DON'T want, is for you to Significantly change the story, and the characters that they have come to love and identify with.

And then there's the casting - Chris Hemsworth as Drake?

Yeah I'm not holding out much hope for the Uncharted movie.

On a side note I've got more hope for The Last Of Us movie, because at least Neil Druckman is the script writer (and director?), so at least it will stay true to the game to a large degree.

NecotheSergal1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

I can see like, a really cheesy trailer surfacing with Marky Mark in it and it's some idiotic family household movie with the plot being equal to Nathan Drake (Marky) losing his wife in non-canonical nonsense with her being Chloe and he falls to his knees to scream CHHHLOOOOEEEEE! - and him going adventuring in caves and dungeons and caverns to revive her or something. Indiana Jones Copy-paste with pretentious drama

I mean, we could all make a script that they'd likely use.

Marky lives X life until X event happens so Marky has to X in order to X - Drama - Marky mark action - Press X to romance - The end.

It'd not surprise me if this wasn't far from the truth as much as I keep cringing about how their ideas of making it like it's being made family-suggestive like, Kid-friendly PG-13 Comedy-enforced bullocks.

aRTCy1133d ago

I love the fact that people still call him Marky

NecotheSergal1133d ago

I call him Marky Mark just cause it was the last thing I remember people calling him. Why, where did it derive from and why? xD

johndoe112111134d ago

This is resident evil all over again.

3-4-51134d ago

Uncharted is about turning humans into monsters ?


Amy Pascal probably loves it.

ValKilmer1135d ago

They just want to make a Indiana Jones rip-off and don't care about the game whatsoever. Sad considering this is Sony Pictures.

JWiLL5521134d ago

Val, are you available to play Nathan Drake?

You're basically an older Chris Hemsworth who's gained a *bit* of weight.

Seraphim1134d ago

doesn't matter who the Studio is. Sony Pictures is independent from Sony Computer. All Sony Pictures wants to do is put out a movie that's a blockbuster or at the very least has strong ticket and disc/digital sales to flip a profit. Take a popular gaming IP, film it and hope to bank on it.

Hoffmann1135d ago

Why the hell are only the first Mortal Kombat and the first Silent Hill video game movie adaptions that actually sticked to the source almost completely?

TricksterArrow1134d ago

Silent Hill and Mortal Kombat actually dumbed down a little their respective games. Not saying they were badly adapted though, but it could've been better overall.

johndoe112111134d ago

And the interesting thing is that those two that actually stuck to the narrative of the games are considered by everyone to be the best game adaptions ever. Yet, these big movie execs cannot see that. I always say the wrong people in this world have all the money and power.

Porcelain_Chicken1134d ago

Agreed! Hollywood has this weird mentality where they think they are "improving" the story by adding this and changing that to the point where it ultimately looks completely unrecognizable. Resident Evil being a great example. As a hardcore fan I would have never guessed it was related to the video game franchise had they not forced the stupidest most insulting "fan service" moments ever.

Personally I thought Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was a pretty good adaptation. It followed the basic structure of the story to a T. Only changing a few things like removing the sand monsters, changing Farah for Tamina (wtf Hollywood) and making the Prince adopted.

Gatsu1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Those two are the few game movies, which I actually like. Even Paul W. Anderson did good job with Mortal Kombat, unlike with his Resident Evils.

I'm afraid to see what Uncharted and MGS movie will be like...

Krakin11134d ago

Not sure how closely PoP:Sands of Time stuck to it's source material but it was a really good video game movie for me

JasonKCK1134d ago

Agree with Silent Hill but not Mortal Kombat. If Mortal Kombat stuck to the games we would have seen rated R finishing moves and not that PG13 fluff.

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aco1134d ago

What happened to Warcraft...?

-Foxtrot1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )


Eve? London?

Jesus Chris why don't they just hire Amy Hennig to re-write and condense her script of Drakes Fortune. They are letting Neil do this for the Last of Us film so it can be done.

"Are we giving people who play the game a reason to go to the movie"

Honestly Hollywood are clueless. I'm sorry but I couldn't give a crap if it was a direct adaptation because I know as a gamer who has already played the games that this new adaptation isn't for me.

I would see the film regardless if it was a copy and paste job because I liked the story as it was.

Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings work well because they stick to the souce material as close as they can. No one complains there that it's mostly the same as the book so why do people feel the need to change video games

playstation4epic1134d ago

They got rid of Amy Hennings. She works at Visceral/Dice

-Foxtrot1134d ago

Yeah I know but they could still hire her as a script writter for the film

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