Graphical Effects That Make Games Look Worse Due To Poor Implementation

Dennis: "With the advancements in technology, we've seen all sorts of intriguing and gorgeous graphical improvements making their way to video games."

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uth111188d ago

If they had an article about "design choices that made websites look worse due to poor implementation", gamingbolt would be used for most examples!

Anyway, that Watchdogs physic glitch video was hilarious, but I've never encountered anything like that. Where some of them mods?

mikeslemonade1187d ago

Motion Blur is stupid. I have that off all the time.

Crimzon1187d ago

I don't agree with complaints about chromatic aberration. It looks excellent in Bloodborne, GTA5 and Alien Isolation in my opinion, and really does a lot to improve the image. I think the games would look noticeably worse if it was removed.

Svinya1187d ago

Chromatic Aberration is an optical distortion of the camera lens, so how can it improve anything? Are your eyes supposed to be cheap cameras in these games?

kneon1187d ago

While I don't care for these camera effects it could be argued that they aren't completely out of place in a third person view. But I really don't get why we get things like lens flare, water on the lens etc. in a first person view game. That's just stupid.

KwietStorm1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

It most certainly does not make Bloodborne look excellent. Bloodborne actually looks excellent *despite* the distortion. I could understand if it were there as a focus effect in specific situations, but the way it's implemented right now, it just seems to be there for the hell of it, and it doesn't do any of those edges any justice.

Aloy-Boyfriend1187d ago

Stupid ''Next Slide'' button. No offence Rashid, but I hate to go through several pages to read the content. No clicks from me!

maybelovehate1187d ago

I agree, sites that have those click through slides immediately go on my ban list.

OrangePowerz1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Graphic Effects that make games look worse. Physics? I must have missed when physics became a graphical effect.

No offense, but a lot of the complaints are complaints about what gave the games a unique look and feel. Who would want Fallout 3 to look colorful and realistic instead of being bleak and giving it a nuclear fallout mood? The graphics effect for Bloodborne adds a lot to the atmosphere and so does BF3. After a short time I didn't even motice the bars anymore in The Order, you complain that every movie has bars (exception are movies filmed for IMAX)? The deepth of field in Skyrim is to have the player focus on the NPCs and the conversation. If you stand infront of a person and talk with him/her the surrounding will fade out of view, not as heavy as in Skyrim but still fade out of view.

I could go on all day about why a lot of the complaints are nothing more than personal preferences of the person writing the article. They don't make the games look worse, the writer thinks for him/her the game looks worse.

OhMyGandhi1187d ago

I find it strange how people lament that depth of field is distracting. If you've seen a movie in the past 50 years, chances are your not stumbling out of the theater, scratching your head, and muttering, "well, when the one guy was talking to that other guy, I couldn't see the extra in the background feeding the pigeons, and therefore, I couldn't pay attention."

People are so strange.

guyman1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I laughed hard when i saw "physics" as a negative graphical effect. You have to give it to gamingbolt, they are a click-bait site that stoops to the greatest lows to get clicks. What a joke.

Actually, they're click-bait geniuses. A lot of games have used chromatic aberration, black bars and dark grey colour palettes, yet they conveniently chose exclusive games to rip on instead of naming the effects and why they hate them. There was no need to associate them with games. The authour is a Retarded genius.

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