Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Theme Screenshots

Check out some screenshots showing the Star Wars Battlefront PS4 theme that comes for free after preordering the game.

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extermin8or1067d ago

What the theme that I downloaded and has caused me to be unable to change my theme as every-time I go into the theme section it causes a software error.... at least on my account, I can access it on other accounts however. -_-

Imp0ssibl31067d ago

That sounds really strange!

mkis0071067d ago

you go to your downloads list in the notifications panel and delete the theme and then re-dl it and install
Happened to me with the Destiny theme.

extermin8or1064d ago

Well I'll try that, thanks hope it works...

SirBillyBones1067d ago

It's causing lots of issues. I contacted support and they told me theyre aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

Alexious1067d ago

That's too bad, wonder why

LavaLampGoo1067d ago

Ohh.. I do like themes but I dont think I pay for them... but a preorder bonus is a smart way to go!

KUV19771067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

59€? Good One. 69€ it is - in Germany at least. Of course you will be able to buy the disc everywhere for 59€ but digital? No that has to be more expensive... because... of reasons and stuff.

I went all digital this gen but the pricing really ticks me off.

Imp0ssibl31067d ago

59 for the standard edition? You sure?!?

KUV19771067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

The article says 59$/€ but it has never been this way in the German store. The standard version is 69€ and the Deluxe Edition 79€. The only Games you can buy new for 59€ are the ones that are SONY published plus very few exceptions like The Witcher. Everything from EA and UBI is always 69€ in the standard version, unfortunately.

d_g1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

looks good

i wish they made this concept art as Theme


it will be great

Alexious1067d ago

This is my new desktop background!

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