"Impartial" doesn't exist in Sony's dictionary wrote: "Yesterday, Sony held their E3 conference and it was a pretty interesting affair. It was boring at the start, pretty boring at the end. (save for the MAG announcement, which looks to be a pre-rendered Killzone 2-style affair all over again.) In the middle there was intruguing announcements coming one after the other. Resistance on PSP, emphasis on the PlayStation Network and the surprise announcement of the movie store being launched imminently.

For a PS3 owner Stateside, all of the news at E3 was pretty exciting, right? What about elsewhere in the world?"

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Silogon3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Cry to Eric Lempel about it. What the fak do you want us to do? You're posting a blog crying about what Sony's doing, why not send a letter to Sony personally or since you seem to be the big shot walk up to Eric at E-3 and tell him these problems yourself you stupid Ass Rat.

You act like you crying to us is going to build more momentum and that is going to stone wall into something bigger. Your opinions are valid but so is mine and hers and his and right now the majority probably don't even know who you are.

Tmac3800d ago

Whoa whoa whoa! I stopped reading when you told us your opinions are valid Silofag.

NegativeCreep4273800d ago

You're opinions do carry some for of weight, Siligon, but from my experience with what you have posted, you are nothing but a Playstation hater. You're opinions do not mean Sh*t in terms of what they represent to the SCEE crowd. You are nothing but an Xbot who acts like a PS3 loyalists.

Silogon3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

What I find most funny is the fact I never attack anyone on this forum. Ever. I give my opinions, debate a little bit and then move on. I am always getting attacked 1st here and for no reason. An opinion.

Wonder why I have 112 or 113 ignores yet people still gravitate towards me? Strange.

Edit to below:

Pretty sad, man. Pretty damn sad. Maybe you need to find a new hobby. Just a thought.

thereapersson3800d ago

The EU region gets screwed on content no matter what console or service you associate yourself with. Hell, MS's Netflix partnership won't work outside the US due to Netflix being a US company that only distributes in the US.

Sony isn't the only one with this problem, but they sure always are the ones to get the brunt of complaints from everyone.

poopsack3800d ago

at least EU gets play tv right?

The Lazy One3800d ago

Netflix doesn't work outside the US period?

M$ seems to do a lot better at getting stuff to the EU faster and have a more global centric approach rather than a US/Japan approach, which is kind of ironic considering they are getting spanked in the EU.

SL1M DADDY3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

It's as simple as this, licensing and taxes as well as currency exchange all play a role in getting such services to countries other than the US. It is far easier to get these services rolled out in the States. Don't blame Sony or MS or any other console manufacturer for that matter, it is not a console thing, it is a government/law thing. To blame Sony or MS for this is simply proving to me that whoever is doing the blaming is an idiot fanboy looking for a lame reason to bash a console.

Mc Fadge3800d ago

Is with this comment:

"save for the MAG announcement, which looks to be a pre-rendered Killzone 2-style affair all over again."

Did the ever claim it was ingame? No. It was a TEASER. Christ, how annoying

On topic:

There's a bunch of legal wrangling and whatnot which will be holding this up, I can wait <3


And just to remember, KillZone 2 pretty much made it to the target render.

donator3800d ago

Wait a minute, I never read news from Sarcastic Gamer because I thought it was all satire. From reading your comment, I'm a little confused now. Do they do real game news or is it all satire?

Panthers3800d ago

Killzone 2 made it past the target rinder. I hope Zipper delivers as well. Socom is my favorite online game ever but Zipper was never known for graphics. I am sure Sony made a few adjustments inside the company though.

Mc Fadge3800d ago

Every friday they make fictional news, they're the ones that normally hit the front page cause they're funny :3

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SacT0wnF1n3st3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Europe get PlayTV, Japan get to play FF XIII before everybody and we get video store.

Sony should and I think will release the video store in Europe around Leipzig 08 and TGS for Asia

ThatArtGuy3800d ago

And Canada gets completely shafted.

Leathersoup3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Yeah... so much for the whole "continental" release. If they can't manage to get that done right in North America why should they bother on a world wide scale?

darkdoom30003800d ago

Yeah i agree.

I really hate SCEE. we get everything late. even in NZ/Aus where we dont have any other languages besides english, cant we just get the english US versions?

Localising shouldnt take 6 months! especially in the PSN. we get everything late. trailers, demoes, hell we dont even have Quore(or whatever)

Kojima is so cool, he made the beta free for all europeans cause he felt sad for them. and he released MGS4 simualtanous. which was awesome.

dam i hate SCEE.

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