Bloodborne : Curse Of The Souls

However, what bugs me the most is how some (or many, even) so-called ‘fans/veterans’ of the Souls series are ruining the experience for new-comers. I’ve been going through forums and various communities, and whenever some one new to From Software’s games asks if this game is worth buying, there’s this bunch of pretentious dicks who go all ‘oh boy, you can’t handle this, it’s too tough for your casual ass, it’s for us “hardcore gamers”. Don’t even bother with this, it’s not for you’.

I mean, why? Why would you stop someone from buying a game that will probably end up to be one of his/her finest experiences in gaming. Why do you have to go comparing it to the Souls series, and not talk about the game itself. Sure, the similarities are there, but Bloodborne is still a whole new game, and for new-comers, there has never been a better game to get them accustomed to From Software’s style.

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Fro_xoxo1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

Nice Piece. So many folks exaggerate the difficulty in 'souls' games. Therefore, putting off new players in the process.

They want to feel like they're part of some 'elite' club. Deluded much?

I find it amusing when someone thinks gamers can be categorized into 'hardcore' and casual.

I enjoyed and beat Demon's Souls. I look forward to playing Bloodborne someday.

SpinalRemains1381005d ago

You'll love it.

Its similar to Demons, but faster gameplay and more to do.

KwietStorm1005d ago

Why is this taken as if this attitude is something new and exclusive to Bloodborne? You can insert any franchise title you want into the same opinion piece, and nothing would be different. The difficulty of the Souls series is just the catalyst, in context. And said difficulty is really really exaggerated to an extent. Compared to the hand holding of the majority of all other games on the market, the Souls games present a challenge that is true. By no means are they impossible, but it is their signature nonetheless.

BadController1005d ago

In my personal view, this seems to be happening a lot more evidently in case of bloodborne
Wannabe elitist have of course been trying to claim expertise since forever!

joab7771005d ago

I'm on reddit and gamefaqs and don't really see this happening.
I see ppl tearing it apart b/c it doesn't have the depth or replayability that the others do, but not so much the "scaring away".

I've tried to tell everyone that these games are not difficult. Unlike other games, it's difficulty is relative. Ues, early on you must be patient. Yes, ot doesn't hold your hand, and part of its allure is the community. You will want to be on reddit and gamefaqs to get the most out of it.

But the beauty of this game (besides the flawless brutal combat and gorgeous world and atmosphere), is that it is YOUR world to figure out. You ARE the hunter who has awoken in this city and must uncover your reason for being here.

My only complaint is that the trophies don't require multiple playthroughs and PvP and invasions have been stripped down.

I find that once someone stops coveting their echoes like experience points, much of the fear vanishes...and you stop being the scared victim and become the Hunter of hunters. It's this fear that has cost many gamers an experience of a gaming lifetimes, and pushed From to remove DemS and DS'S multiplayer.

They could have been more imaginitive w invasions, tying it to insight or ng+. I would prefer insight b/c you can control it. They could have had a new currency for PvP and a new messenger with gear, weapons items, etc. What made the 1st 2 games in the series so different was that no matter how good you were, or how many impssible bosses you could beat, you could be invaded by a real player. Often times, ppl would invade and give you items.

Otherwise, I recommend this game for EVERYONE, unless you loved the Order b/c it was like a movie. But if you want a fair game that let's you play how you want, and a great community, and puts challenges in front of you that you CAN overcome, with post win satisfaction unlike any other game, BB ID definitely for you.

krypt19831005d ago

The souls games are hard because they are clunky as shit and obtuse, well bloodborn is badass but the combat is so good it makes the game too fucking easy, so you can't win for losing, what i want now is DarkBorne ..

Seraphim1005d ago

"My only complaint is that the trophies don't require multiple playthroughs and PvP and invasions have been stripped down."

while you can avoid this by backing up your save, unless you consumed all 3 cords before backing your save [like me], you are required to play through 3x to see all endings. 3x to get each of the gold trophies.

I'm satisfied with the trophies but at the same a little conflicted having been playing Chalice Dungeons lately to kill the Queen. Part of me wishes there were some trophies tied to these. At the same time aside from Ailing Loran final boss and even now Defiled Chalice the Dungeons weren't bad. I suppose most people though will play the game and miss optional bosses and want to see the other ending so that gives them motivation? It does kind of suck but the trophy set was pretty solid and I'm pretty happy with it. Nothing more annoying than a Bronze-Gold trophy that you have to play the game 4+ times on New Game+++++ to achieve.

Ozmoses1005d ago

Invansions are tied to Insight...

you gain +1 insight every time you get a PvP kill.

ninsigma1005d ago

You were on A roll until you brought up the order. What has that got to do with this?? I loved the order but I also love Bloodborne. Where's the connection to people who like the order not liking Bloodborne?? Makes no sense.

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Xer0_SiN1005d ago

i almost caught myself in that last night. my wife, who doesnt game by the way, out of the blue said she wanted to try dark souls 2 scholar. the words was literally ready to flow out of my mouth "oh its gonna be too hard for you!". i caught myself cause now i was more curious than anything lol, fired up scholar and watched her play a good couple hours! i was impressed honestly. in the end, it doesnt matter if its demons, bloodborne, scholar, or ds1, if it can pull more players into the franchise then thats awesome, cause me? i love souls, been a fan ever since day 1.

Krussail1005d ago

That's the way any true fan should be, don't tell them is tough.. Many games can be tough, hell I was playing Mario recently for some research purpose, and I found that to be incredibly tough!! Still fun though :)

Hotabang1005d ago

I really dont like it when the first thing that pops up to a persons mind when playing a souls game is difficutly (what a long sentence, needs punctuation lol)

The media really targeted the games as "hard games", which, i think, influenced the devs to focus more on that aspect in ds2 (felt some necessary unfairness even though the bosses felt easier to me).

I loved demons and ds1 because of the gameplay, atmosphere, and epic character and level design, and story lines, I would like to see more people highlighting these points rather than "its a hard game"

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BadController1006d ago

It's a great game you should definitely get kg if you enjoyed DS

wishiwerealive1006d ago

I've just got the game. Haven't played any of the other soul series games either. \m/

Tapani1005d ago

How do you like it so far? What are the pros and cons from your point of view?

SpinalRemains1381005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Anyone who discourages a newcomer to the fun of these games, doesn't deserve to play them him or herself.

Spread the wealth. The more the merrier.

He's right though. They're hard, but they're not that hard or impossible. They just require a little elbow grease and thought. That's a good thing tho. Perfect mix.

Krussail1005d ago

Thanks!! i saw many guys pushing away newbies, and this just needed to be said.

OB1Biker1005d ago

Im a very 'average' gamer (as in neither hardcore nor casual like I think most gamers actually) and the other day went back into the game a bit tired and other things in mind and got my @ss kicked because I was playing like games where you can take hits somehow like a bullet sponge.

I wouldnt tell people this game is particularly 'hard' but it requires strong focus and adrenaline.

StrawberryDiesel4201005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Bloodborne is extremely difficult if you have a family, job, friends, the real world to contend with etc. Most people here proclaiming it's not difficult probably have no lives and play it non-stop all day long. Try getting up at 7am working all day coming home and giving some attention to your wife and child, cleaning up a home and then trying to play a game this difficult and progress in the two spare hours you have. Most kids that post here saying this game, Demon's Souls, Darks Souls 1 & 2 are easy are brain dead.

I know many adult gamers who only play COD, Destiny, Battlefield because they are accessible and easy to jump in and out without making a huge time commitment as they have responsibilities to handle. A game like this would destroy them because it's way too hard for them. I don't know why I even bother to present a valid argument to children/grown children who live at home with mommy & daddy. Just STFU and accept the fact these are hard games. Jesus Christ, just google the question "Is Demon's Souls hard?" or "Is Darks Souls hard?" Bloodborne is no exception. Stop misleading people and this article is garbage.

OB1Biker1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

I work 45hours a week and Im a single dad. Thats the main reason Im very slow progressing but it doesnt bother me if it takes me ages to finish the game as long as I enjoy it.

I never said this game is easy, its not easy, but I just feel anyone who is interested enough can play it if they really want to and its not a matter of being particularly skilled but more a matter of investing yourself and focusing.

elburro1871005d ago

This was my first time playing a From Software game and I absolutely love it! I never replay games once I beat them but this game is just fantastic. I love how it doesn't hold your hand, making the world seem more expansive then it is. I like open world games because of the freedom they provide you with but I felt more "freedom" playing this game then I ever did before in any game experience. Yup I love this game.

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