Star Wars Battlefront (3) Exclusive Gameplay Breakdown & Narration

This video spoils the contents of the Star Wars Battlefront 3 trailer, and includes details from a private preview.

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endzeitkind967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

where is the real 8minutes of gameplay leak they showed behind doors to the public?

burza1982967d ago

This is not a gameplay. Show me real gameplay.

abstractel967d ago

Clickbait, misleading title, as usual... Just worded carefully enough so they can't be called liars.

E3 is just a bit over 7 weeks away, I think we'll have to wait until then for gameplay. Would love to be proven wrong.

Minute Man 721967d ago

The game will look close to the trailer on PC. If you watch the trailer when Darth Vader shows ul pay attention to the rock in the middle of the screen. Now will it look close to that on PS4 n X1 that remains to be seen. I believe it will be close to the trailer on consoles, not PC close but we shouldn't hqve any complaints

Elit3Nick967d ago

Levelcap stated that the game looks identical to the trailer, although there was more aliasing since it was on the PS4

Minute Man 721967d ago

My trick to turn down jaggies is to turn down the sharpness on the tv. It helps

dragonopt1967d ago

You do realize that the gameplay is pre-alhpa footage right? I'm sure they will optimize the game more before release. It looked really good from the trailer BUT I'm still waiting for actual "in-game gameplay". Yes they are showing the trailer with the games engine but that can still look better than actual gameplay when 40 people are on the map at the same time AND it's suppose to be running at 60fps.