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Everyone has that one game franchise that they love unconditionally; the one that they manage to find enjoyment in, no matter how bad the individual release. For me, that is and always has been Mortal Kombat. This has been my go to series from the moment I first laid eyes on the original arcade release. Over the years, the franchise has certainly had its share of good, bad, and really bad titles. Even still, I’ve always found myself running back to programmer Ed Boon’s creations without hesitation. Thankfully, Mortal Kombat X (MKX) doesn’t look as bad as some of the titles the franchise has dropped in the past (cough, Special Forces, cough). In fact, considering the glimpses that NetherRealm Studios has given us of the game, it looks absolutely amazing. After getting my hands on the final version last week, I can assure you that it more than just looks the part of an excellent game, it is an excellent game.

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