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When JJ Abrams gave his much-anticipated public panel on The Force Awakens in Anaheim this weekend as part of the Star Wars Celebration 2015 event, one of the loudest cheers he received (and there were a lot of loud cheers) was when he reassured fans - jaded with the overuse of digital effects thanks to the disastrous prequel trilogy - that he had scaled back production of his sequels to include as many physical props and tangible locations as possible. Just a few hours later, DICE's general manager Patrick Bach told me that, in a way, that was the same aim for the studio and their reboot of Star Wars Battlefront, which is set to launch on 17th November - almost exactly a month before the film debuts at the end of this year. "JJ Abrams's discussion on going back to the roots of creating physical sets, physical objects - we do that as well," he enthused. "We take the physical objects and recreate them digitally, so we kind of go the reverse way but start in the same spot. It's the same idea - we have the same mindset on recreating the universe in the most authentic way possible."

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2pacalypsenow1100d ago

Why is it that when a battlefield game gets released its a "MOD" but a COD game gets released and it "a fresh experience" ??

crusf1100d ago

Idk where your getting that information but everyone says COD is the same thing over and over again here on the internet.

3-4-51099d ago

Fanboys and liberals who don't care about facts, who want to create their own truth.