Steam accounts have to use $5 in order to fully use chat features

Valve had recently implemented a $5 USD minimum purchase in the Steam store in order to accounts to have all features. Predominately, chat features are unavailable to "Limited User Accounts", which is the term used for accounts that haven't fulfilled this minimum purchase. The purchase MUST be through the digital store. Until then, these accounts are unable to send friend invites, put up content on the steam workshop, gain levels for their steam profile and other features.

This comes as a move against phishing, spam and scam accounts that have often plagued the Steam platform.

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WESKER20151190d ago

Lol, you wanna know where you can stick that gabe?

StevenSeagul1190d ago

It's not a charge for chat features. If you have ever spent $5 or more on Steam, you're already covered.

New accounts with no purchases will have to spend at least $5 before they can use chat features, though.

subtenko1190d ago

Ya know I've never seen spam and bots on consoles. Has anyone?

redey31189d ago

You really are retards. You didn't think that maybe some ppl bought games via other sites that get code for steam???? Example the humble bundle?? The first time i bought a game pack on humble bundle i DL-ed steam, not before. If this rule was up back then i couldnt add any friends or have chat with anyone. Furthermore, there are people who have steam to play DOTA 2, you know, the free MOBA game? And now they cant add friends? It's so hypocritical of you pc masterminds. Some people DO NOT BUY ON steam. After all, steam is far from the cheapest gaming product site on the net. Why would I be forced to buy from then when I don't want to? I can get GTA V for 45 dollars not for 60.

Femto1190d ago

did you even read the article? didnt think so.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1190d ago

Dude you didn't even have to read the full article for WHY and you still messed up.

JsonHenry1190d ago

It's a good way to keep fake phishing accounts in check. And I don't know any real person that hasn't spent at least $5 on steam at some point.

HaveAsandwich1190d ago

its for new accounts derpy

Somebody1190d ago

Just think the $5 Steam is asking for is like N4G's bubbles for the comment section. The more bubbles you have, the more people would likely to take your comments seriously.

3-4-51190d ago

* If you own STEAM, you own it because you've bought a game.

If that game was at least $5, your covered.

Please know facts.

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vudu1190d ago

Gabe will buy you a taco.

Summons751190d ago

then eat it because while he was paying you asked about Half-Life 3 ;)

TehBAT1190d ago

Good move, a lot of people get spambot requests which send nothing but phishing links to steal our inventory.
Though I don't understand why retail CDkeys don't count for actual purchases.

MasterCornholio1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Yeah that's actually pretty good. I know some people are bashing this but its really a measure against bots.

Lukejrl1190d ago

Because a key lying around for an old game would count too. Probably tons of them from 5+ years ago. so unless I don't understand cause I have never used a retail key on steam,does steam only allow activation of retail key once? Cause if not then one key could be used for a while, deactivated and then used to start a new spam account. Just a thought.

AutoCad1190d ago

This has been there for awhile,yall just finding this out?

Dabigsiebowski1190d ago

Yeah this a actually a big step forward. Most people who have steam have a library of games anyways they paid for, like 90 of concurrent users. This new policy doesn't allow spammers to just make new accounts easily and try to scam legit innocent users.

If you ever use steam enough and play games like CS:Go or Dota 2, you get a frequent amount of spammers messaging you to take advantage of.Most people aren't stupid but it happens all the time still and you hear about it in articles from time to time but this new clause is a huge step forward to knocking back spammers as they have to think, "Do I really want to spend 5 dollars for each account?" Probably not...

Good call Valve!

P.S When the day comes you announce HL3, bring it to PS4/5/6 too please ;D

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