KillZone 2: High Quality E3 Off-Screen Gameplay

Here is a better quality video of some single player from the highly anticipated KillZone 2.

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Fishy Fingers3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Well... the video says it all I think. More please.

jwatt3776d ago

I'm going to whoop @ss in this game!

Fishy Fingers3776d ago

Yeah, well I'll have the Platinum trophy before you :P

AlienGorilla3776d ago

I pretty much agree with what you said, i'm just not as angry as you.

I do think that Fear for the PC had AI that stood above the rest. Other than that i can't remember a game that differentiated itself with AI.

Unless the AI is horrendously stupid and does some retarded sh!t, it's pretty much in the same boat as every other game.

Any argument for/against AI in a game can not be made until the finished product is played and until the different difficulty levels are seen.

EDIT: Sorry, wrong Reply.

Dark General3776d ago

A.I please boost the A.I, i like to be challenged. If the A.I is anywhere near the same callibur as the original Resistance than it should freaking intense.

DaTruth3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Lets stop this already. The game is probably on easy. I'll just say one thing: Uncharted on Crushing vs Uncharted on easy. Nuff said.

Dark General3776d ago

Sorry i never played Uncharted on easy. But there is a BIG jump between even hard and crushing. The A.I on hard is good and on crushing those mofo's are sharpshooters. But fair enough, you're right. I should wait to see how it unfolds besides there's still another 6 months to go.

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Chad Warden3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Best lighting in a video game. I really can't believe that even the multiplayer footage looks this good. Guerilla have created the most advanced lighting engine I've ever seen for a game.

Jandre023776d ago

Seriously, is one big cut-scene. Amazing in every way. This game destroys Gears 2 graphically. Its only competition is Crysis.

And no one make a dumb comment on the AI. Once again, almost a year off.

Overr8ed3776d ago

The AI stupid!!! =)... they can fix it but i hope the game is a but more harder than what this video shows.

Fishy Fingers3776d ago

To easy, crank up the difficulty. The video will be set to normal at most, demo's work better when the player isn't dying every 2 seconds.

Genki3776d ago

but it's not ok to say anything negative about it, eh? Sure, that makes PERFECT sense.

This is game development, not baking a cake. Things could still get WORSE as well as get better. Compromises are made at times, so don't sit here and try to tell me to take additional time for granted.

INehalemEXI3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I would not judge AI until I personally played a demo. Anything else is just speculation. Even then a demo does not reflect the final product 100% If its still a work in progress.

The Wood3776d ago

but A.I can change with settings. Who knows what level the final A.I will be at or what it was set on in the video

Genki3776d ago

my point is that it's foolish and hypocritical for people to be allowed to speak about the good of an unfinished game, yet not the negative.

People act as if additional time automatically means better everything. Such is not always the case. I'm sure you yourself have seen it before where a game looks worse upon release than it did in prior previews. Haze is one game that comes to mind, Army of Two is another, and there are scores of other examples.

Development means compromises. We, nor the developers for that matter, have no idea what sort of hurdles and bumps in the road may be met from now until release. Corners may have to be cut, features may have to be cut out, and certain assets may get scaled back.

This isn't what I think will happen to Killzone, mind you, I'm just sick and tired of this "it WILL be perfect when it's released" mentality, because we've all seen far too any games that were noticeably downgraded upon release.

For that reason, positive and negative comments are all warranted and relevant. No game, no matter how far away from release, should be excluded from criticism.

HateFanboys3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

When all the 360 fanboys can complain about is AI. All AI on games are stupid! all of them! Now go look at the AI in RE5 and tell me that, that AI is smart and the Capcom guy cant shut up about how smart that AI is, yet look at it, and tell me it aint stupid. All AI is dumb, and if you dont think so, then you're just dumb. Halo 3's AI is stupid.

Genki3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

but I only own a PS3 buddy, and if you wanna play a game with intelligent and responsive A.I., then go play F.E.A.R. on the PC. Released over two years ago and there isn't a console or PC FPS released to date that can hold a candle to their A.I.

Jandre023776d ago

They hired someone to deal with the AI already. He is currently working on it. HOwever, the comment about more time making a game worse? Huh?
The game is 1. Already running on the PS3. 2. Running at a smooth framerate with no tears or anything. 3. What makes you think after 3 years they will all of a sudden STOP make progress on the game and make it worse? Lol

Short of hiring a chimp, getting him drunk, spinning him around in an office chair for half an hour, then unleashing him on to the single development PC WITHOUT backing up their data, I seriously doubt they will go from the best looking game in history to sh!t poor in this remaining year.

Games a year off look much, much worse. This game is the best looking already, and they have all year to perfect all the little details (AI being one of them)

Ju3776d ago

The worst (A)I was behind the controller, in fact. That guy shot the stairs 100x. How can someone measure the quality of AI by watching a video? AI is always used in the context of gameplay. They can flank you left and right and kill you in 100 different ways before you would even pull the trigger on the controller - but I guess that won't be a lot of fun, then. I would also guess, they use a normal or easy setting @ shows to make the demo more accessible, no ?

None the less, that sequence shown was intense. Can't say I have seen that in this quality and that amount of detail before, without hick ups as well. I like how the Helgast touches his eyes after he got shot in the head.

The Wood3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

you can voice things about the game should you not like it but the 'delivery' of some peoples comments on any game can lead others to think that some comments are made just to downplay or talk crap about something. A.I is not something we can really comment on unless we know what its set on. If somebody states that they don't like the art style or whatever then that's a matter of opinion and fair. We have the right to question peoples comments as much as they have the right to make them. That doesn't in any way mean we feel the game is faultless and nobody has mentioned 'perfect a.i' neither just expressed excitement and an eagerness for this games release. I've not ever played a faultless game in my whole life and i'm sure nobody on this thread has or think they will either.

I will try that fear game though as that comment about not holding a candle has got me intrigued and are you saying that because you beat it or because you didn't;).

Genki3776d ago

I'll tell you straight up, the story is utterly disposable and the weapons are your standard sci-fi psuedo realistic fare, but battlign the A.I. is such a redeeming quality.

I found myself pushing through the game to reach the next firefight, not necessarily to advance the story. I thought it was worth it though, because like I said, no game has A.I. as intelligent and mobile as F.E.A.R.'s is.

They call for back-up, knock over desks, tables, lockers, and other objects to create their own cover, crash/dive through windows, flank you, lay down suppressive fire, flush you out with grenades, retreat when necessary, look for other avenues of approach, and teamwork is paramount in their attack. Beyond all of that. they are extremely agile, dodging, running, and diving around when they see fit. Fighting the A.I. is pretty exhilarating, so I'd say give it a shot. Stay away from the console versions though, from what I understand, they're GIMPED.

You can probably find it on PC for $20 these days.

A.I. like that is what I'd like to see in Killzone.

Killzone already has presentation, KILLER animations, beautiful graphics, great weapons, cool enemies, and pretty much anything else I could ask for in an FPS. Now I want intelligent, mobile foes.

DaTruth3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Uncharted A.I. crushes all! I say that without having played F.E.A.R because Uncharted A.I. crushes all!!!

Edit: After reading your last comment I have to admit, that does sound pretty good.

Genki3776d ago

and I'll tell you right now, Uncharted's A.I., while very good, still doesn't touch F.E.A.R.

You really would have to play it to understand, I can't say enough good things about that games A.I.

As a game itself, it's fairly average, but the advanced A.I. is truly what makes it stand out. Do yourself a favor and give it a try.

The Wood3776d ago

ill try me some pc f.e.a.r

Ju3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

AI yes and no. Yes, I'd like to see flanking, taking cover, etc. But eventually its always a "learn-their-moves" scenario. As soon as you get that, you'll bet them. If KZ2 is a frag fest, fine with me.

The intensity in the video just leaves the impression, there's not enough time to think a lot, though. (well, maybe enough to take the time to aim instead of firing into stairs, hehe).

If you've played it, did you ask if you can increase the difficulty in the demo ?

BTW: I'd played a bit of FEAR (PS3, though), but didn't really notice anything special back then (wasn't my cup of tea).

HateFanboys3771d ago

I agree with you, FEAR on the PC does have the best AI, especially for its time, and no fanboys, the 360 and PS3 versions of FEAR aint as smart, and definitely not impressive for its time. And i also agree that Uncharted has some pretty good AI (not geniuses) but fairly smart none-the-less. And FEAR also had some of the best physics (although that has been surpassed now by the home consoles) and particles for its time.

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decapitator3776d ago

They are showing too much of the freaking game. They should just go black on it and start showing more info later this year or earlier next year when the game is about to launch.

fenderputty3776d ago

though. We're just getting to see the improvements they've made. Honestly, I'm so pleased with GG. Most devs don't even let you see gameplay.

Meus Renaissance3776d ago

This totally makes up for the delays. Justified.

Rourker3776d ago

well Meus Renaissance has a point they did say it was coming out in 08, although February 09 is still fiscal 08 for the Playstation. So they could spin it that way. but I think the main reason it fell to 09 is because of Resistance 2.

Genki3776d ago

They always said they were targeting an '08 release...big difference.

fenderputty3776d ago

Weren't you sort of "meh" about this title before E3?

These video's are rather convincing though.

Ju3776d ago

I think the release is strategic. I agree with the Resistance 2 statement. Both games will set new standards.

- I am still no sure how I would rate R2 compared to KZ2. The GS interview showed that the scene from San Francisco is actually in game. Nathen walked back and forth a couple of times, zooming into these huge ships. I still believe the lightning in KZ2 is better, but the the "view" in R2 is "huger".

I like both games. Pushing KZ2 to 2009 will keep the flame burning.

The Wood3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

it sees Sony didn't want any cannibalism going on with the release of Resistance 2 and all that

edit Ju just said it

DaTruth3776d ago

Would have bought both day one, on the same day. Would have played R2 first, because I played the first one and need to see the rest of the story.

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