X1-RD Magic Stick Review [KKEnt]

Kuma wrote: As some of you may remember the previous post I’ve done about video game enhancements and how they can be fair and unfair. Since the days of turbo controllers there have been preferences in making your gaming experience have a slight advantage. However this Magic Stick from Brook is legit to me because it can help with those input problems that most of us have and give you the chance to use preferred controllers on the Xbox One. Sadly there is no converter for the PlayStation 4 and so far no reason as of yet has shown up. To go more in-depth on this nifty USB device that works for both PC and Xbox One, please check out the video below as I’ve asked my cousin who owns an Xbox One to test the device out. While I, Kuma use the device on the PC.

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MasterCornholio1065d ago

That's actually a pretty neat device.


I would definitely buy one for my PS4 of it existed.

SavageKuma1065d ago

Yea that's the weird thing. I don't get why it has not been made for the PS4. I mean there are many possibilities on the why, but it would be cool. Thanks for checking out the review.

4me21065d ago

Similar product that works with all consoles. Fully programmable (custom scripts).