Role-playing games you must play this year

With so many great role-playing games in 2015, you may be wondering what to spend your hard-earned money on? Come check out my list of role-playing games you must play this year, and discover what my all-time favourite role-playing game is! Let's take a look!

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paulhunter1134d ago

Bloodborne - awesome
Xenoblade - liking it so far
Code Name STEAM - in queue to play, LOL

I played Citizens of Earth, and liked it, but it was too glitchy. Now that the patch is out, I think I'll finally go back and complete the story. :)

4Scarrs_Gaming1134d ago

I agree Bloodborne is awesome! Some of those bosses scared the crap outta me!!

joab7771134d ago

Bloodborne is the best game I've played in 18+ months at least. It's a masterpiece.

And the only game that could possibly not be a letdown after BB, is coming out May 19th. I always hate post masterpiece letdown. This year, we get The Witcher 3 following...unreal!!

And I am seriously looking forward to Batman, bit I was thinking about it. After BB and TW3, it could actually be a letdown if it's too similar to the last games, not b/c it won't be amazing but simply b/c of previous games played.

Relientk771134d ago

I cannot wait for Witcher 3

4Scarrs_Gaming1134d ago

Witcher 3 looks killer! May is going to be a busy month for me!

paulhunter1134d ago

Yep, one month until Witcher!

kong_gamer1134d ago

The Witcher 3 and Splatoon in the same month. Oh no, I am going to be locked up in my room for days on end! :)

paulhunter1134d ago

As a gamer, is that any different from other months? LOL

SoapShoes1134d ago

Persona 5 is my most anticipated.

4Scarrs_Gaming1134d ago

Persona 5 is another great RPG too! Soo many RPG its awesome. Disgaea 5 is coming out this fall and looks to be a killer strategy RPG have you ever played any of the games in the series?

SoapShoes1134d ago

Dabbled with 3 on my Vita but don't have the time. I will probably get 5 regardless. haha

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