What is The Most Frustrating Game You Have Ever Played?

"The first Mega Man was shorter than its sequels but far more difficult. You didn’t get any passwords in this game, so there’s no way to save your progress." -Vex of Play Legit Writes

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WESKER2015916d ago

ori, game is a f***ing nightmare, beautiful though

StrayaKNT916d ago

Game is masterpiece how dare you bring up ori like that.

reko916d ago Show
Xer0_SiN916d ago

i gotta say battletoads on the nes was a pretty hard game. came out when i was elementary and made me wanna smash some controllers back in the day. probably if i go back to it today itll be easier...maybe not hah.

SpinalRemains138915d ago

Very hard game indeed! Good call.

yuukiliu916d ago

Most recently, Titan Souls on hard mode, specifically Knight Elhanan. I have died Around 200 times to him alone. You need pixel perfect timing to beat that sucker and I have just had a hell of a time pulling it off.

ServerBOT916d ago

That game really is frustratingly hard.
I've tried 4 different bosses multiple times and died all goes.
The closest i got to beating was that jelly blob.
A nearly cry worthy experience lol.

yuukiliu916d ago

I beat the game on normal(all bosses). With no really frustrating experiences. Hard mode is dependent on you having a perfect plan to beat them. Just take it one boss at a time. Every boss has a simple way to beat them. Don't keep quitting and trying a new one. Once you know how to beat a boss it is pretty easy(on normal).

wakeNbake916d ago (Edited 916d ago )

I gotta say Dark Souls 2, I love Bloodborne, but DS2 is cheaper than a thai hooker.
IDK to me it seems alot harder than Bloodborne, perhaps it requires less strategy and has alot more checkpoints, but little things like weapon durability, and HP reduction are really annoying.

cpayne93916d ago

DS2 was the easiest souls game most of the time, there were just a couple of areas where the difficulty spiked. Wasn't as long as the other games either, I beat it in 30 hours and that was with a crapton of time just doing the dueling matchmaking.

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The story is too old to be commented.