Xbox Live Friend List and More Go Down as More Connectivity Problems Appear on Xbox One and 360

Xbox Live social services including friend list and party chat are currently suffering from connectivity issues on Xbox One and Xbox 360.


The service has now resumed operation after several hours of issues.

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Kryptonite42O1012d ago

Says I have 0 friends online. Which happens never.
*waits for jokes about having no friends

Seriously though, this isn't cool.

Abriael1012d ago

Yeah, when I'm first on my leaderboard, it means there's a problem :P

subtenko1011d ago

This is the 2nd week in a row, if this happens again next week then WTF!

Although this was just errors and last week was hackers.

Kal0psia1012d ago

I am ALWAYS out of luck in NOT experiencing these issues. Boy those guys are fast. Maybe next time ;D

poor_cus_of_games1011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

Lucky you. I'm sick of live. Mind u I still get titanfall without a subscription.

UKmilitia1012d ago

they seem to have had a fair bit of trouble with this before havent they?

LonDonE1012d ago

Yup my friends list and friends leader boards have been down since the last update went up on the preview program.
Not sure if they are related or not but either way i have created a new ticket and reported the problem to Microsoft via the xbox one report problem feature.
Hopefully ms sorts it asap, they are the BOSS when it comes to sorting problems software wise.

Automatic791011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

What's hilarious is I have never seen Abriael post PS4 gone down articles and I have had more then enough issues with PS Online service. For example Grand Theft Auto I have gotten booted off several times with my friends. Abriael as fast as you are to post articles about Xbox One, fair is fair you should do the same when ps4 goes down.

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JMaine5181012d ago

Wow, what is really going on with Xbox Live these days. I've never seen it have this many problems so often. I hope they can get it together.

Genuine-User1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

Edit: Never mind. Early morning gibberish from my end lol.

IVanSpinal1012d ago

It happens when they are about to implement a new system update or maybe they are testing something else

Insomnia_841011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

Sadly, It's been happening monthly ever since the Xbox One released.

KonsoruMasuta1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

Yeah, I can't even download games from the marketplace.

Just when I decided to finish that partial download I had for the Witcher 2 the month it became free on Games With Gold.

wakeNbake1012d ago

Are streaming apps down?

bleedsoe9mm1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

not mine , friends list and leader board

Kingdomcome2471012d ago

Mine is down as well. From what I gather this issue seems to be pretty widespread right now. I'm glad I did my downloading last night through smartglass for Goat Simulator and State of Decay pre-download. I'm kind of surprised that I haven't been having any issues with achievements this evening.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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