Nintendo IPs: ‘Rehashed’ or ‘Remastered’

Nintendo has a long history of amazing franchises. Many have existed since the gaming industry's spark reignited in the 80s, and still go strong today. However, it seems like every time the Big N announces a new title, many gamers call foul on it, stating that they keep 'rehashing' their IPs.

Is this true?

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marloc_x1038d ago

A poll if you would:

How many entries of COD or Bloodborne would you guess to see in the next 30 years?

wonderfulmonkeyman1038d ago

I forget the number of years between each Dark Souls game, but iirc, CoD is annual as of now, right?
So unless their owner goes OOB, definitely at least another 30 of those.XD

wakeNbake1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

Right except those companies despite rehashing those games, still come up with new IPs, where as nintendos been recycling the same games every gen.
How much shit would Microsoft be in if they had zero third party support, and just released Halo, HaloKart, HaloBrawler, and Haloparty, over and over again.

stragomccloud1038d ago

Nintendo still comes up with many new IPs. Fanboys can't see them with their goggles on too tight, though.

Nintendo has many successful IPs that since they keep them fresh, have been able to produce for 30 years. They're the only ones in the industry to keep their franchises going so well for so long. Even so they have a wealth of new content as well. It's just not content that necessarily appeals to everyone.

Griever1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

LOL! Excellent example wake! Couldnt have said it better. That really sounds funny; Master Chief riding a cart... LOL. Similarly, imagine if Sony released Uncharted Golf, Uncharted Baseball, Uncharted Party, Uncharted Tennis and Uncharted RPG. Such a practice would be totally unacceptable and unimaginable for any other company other than Nintendo. Dont know why Nintendo gets a free pass and people find it acceptable.


How about naming a few major AAA franchises/IPs created by Nintendo instead of just making a baseless claim and calling people fanboys? Something like the Souls series, Uncharted series, Halo, Gears of War, Little Big Planet, Killzone, Fable, God of War etc?? If anybody is a fanboy, it is you who is blindly in love with Nintendo.

N4g_null1038d ago

Come on nintendo has tons of ip.

2006Wii SportsExcite TruckThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess2007WarioWare: Smooth MovesWii PlaySuper Paper MarioMario Party 8Big Brain Academy: Wii DegreePokémon Battle RevolutionMario Strikers ChargedMetroid Prime 3: CorruptionDonkey Kong Barrel BlastBattalion Wars 2Fire Emblem: Radiant DawnSuper Mario GalaxyArctic Tale (Published by Nintendo in North America only)Link's Crossbow TrainingMario & Sonic at the Olympic Games(Published by Nintendo in Japan only)Eyeshield 21: The Field's Greatest Warriors(Japan only)2008Endless OceanSuper Smash Bros. BrawlMario Kart WiiWii FitMario Super Sluggers (Japan and North America only)Wario Land: Shake It!Wii MusicAnimal Crossing: City FolkWii Chess (Europe only)Minna no Joushiki Ryoku TV (Japan only)Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen (Japan only)Captain Rainbow (Japan only)Disaster: Day of Crisis (Japan and Europe only)2009New Play Control! Mario Power TennisNew Play Control! PikminExcitebots: Trick Racing (North America only)New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle BeatNew Play Control! Pikmin 2 (published by Nintendo in North America in 2012)Punch-Out!!Wii Sports ResortMetroid Prime: TrilogyWii Fit PlusNew Super Mario Bros. WiiMario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games(Published by Nintendo in Japan only)Another Code: R – A Journey into Lost Memories (Japan and Europe only)Takt of Magic (Japan only)New Play Control! Chibi-Robo! (Japan only)Minna ga Shuyaku no NHK Kouhaku Quiz Kassen (Japan only)2010Endless Ocean: Blue WorldSin & Punishment: Star SuccessorSuper Mario Galaxy 2Epic Mickey (Published by Nintendo in Japan only)Samurai Warriors 3 (Published byNintendo outside of Japan)PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's AdventureMetroid: Other MWii PartyKirby's Epic YarnFlingSmashDonkey Kong Country ReturnsSuper Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary EditionZangeki no Reginleiv (Japan only)Ando Kensaku (Japan only)2011Mario Sports MixWii Play: MotionMystery Case Files: The Malgrave IncidentXenoblade ChroniclesKirby's Return to Dream LandThe Legend of Zelda: Skyward SwordFortune StreetMario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Published by Nintendo in Japan only)Just Dance Wii (Japan only)2012Rhythm Heaven FeverPokéPark 2: Wonders BeyondMario Party 9Kirby's Dream CollectionThe Last Story (Published by Nintendooutside of North America)Inazuma Eleven Strikers (Published byNintendo in Europe only)Project Zero 2: Wii Edition (Japan and PAL regions only)Kiki Trick (Japan only)Just Dance Wii 2 (Japan only)2013Pandora's Tower (Published by Nintendooutside of North America)WiiWareEdit2008Dr. Mario Online Rx

that is not including their handheld stuff because then that would be unfair. Also many of these games sold over million copies and some hit 10 million.

What is sad is the guy above had to make up halo themed games because ms/Sony failed at having mascot.they just are not creative enough. Sega just keeps killing sonic. A halo cart racing would rock so would the other games he made up.

It's so sad you don't get mascot and spin off franchise games that are totally different from the original game. All you guys seem to want are direct sequels.

I totally agree sony and ms would suck at doing the above. They really need 3rd party help. Just look at the vita.... look at the lack of ip from Sony on that thing!

freshslicepizza1037d ago

out of the three nintendo seems to be the one who has the better track record for making exclusives. yes they have a year start so its not as fair to compare but nintendo are the ones who design their games around their hardware and make the best software overall.

they also come up with new ip's like splatoon bit not as much as i would like. the rehash part can be true but again what nintendo does is reinvent those games by creating new ways of playing them with the new features on the hardware. its not just better graphics like the other companies are more guilty of. they too milk their franchises. god of war, fable, gran turismo, forza, uncharted, gears of war....

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InTheLab1038d ago

Demon's Souls came out in 2009. Bloodborne released 6 years later and is technically a new IP with new mechanics.

Not a fair comparison. Cod is an annual franchise And bloodborn is new.

3-4-51038d ago

* 1 Main Mario game per 5 years.

* 1 Main Mario Kart game per console (5-7 years)

* A Few Mario Parties, but NOT every year.

* Not milking their sports titles.

* One Smash Brothers per console cycle.

I guess I'm not seeing where they milk stuff.

If they did this YEARLY.......then you would have a valid argument.

We've had more COD's released in the past 7 years than all the Main Mario games combined over 30 years.

That is what your comparing it to ?

Trying pretty hard aren't you ?

Trying hard to make something look worse than it is.


Please learn how to assess reality correctly and not delusionally.

AKR1038d ago

Thanks for this.
Wake took the article completely out of context.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1037d ago

@Knushwood Butt
List of video games featuring Mario

It does not imply Mario games

Mario the character is used a lot but not his games.

blackblades1038d ago

Cod isn't a 1st party game, and Bloodborne just came out. Bloodborne won't be it's name for decades, just like it came from demon to dark and now bloodborne.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

TLDR for my post;
- Nintendo's advertisement sucks, needs work.
- They need more teams and more exclusive deals with outside sources to increase their game count.
- Despite those issues, the Wii U's library is strong enough at this point to be worth owning. If you don't have it as your secondary console, you ARE missing out on great games.
Moving on...

If you're gonna accuse Nintendo of being the biggest perpetrator of rehashing their IP's, by virtue of looking mostly at spin-offs, without giving criticism to the many others who not only only over-rely on their key franchise, sometimes even on an annual basis, but also do so using main line titles instead of spin-offs, then you aren't giving Nintendo fair credit for how long and hard they work to put out main line games in their big series.
Like Zelda for Wii U, for instance.
That's not even including the small number of outside exclusives that Nintendo sometimes makes big deals out of despite not being first party, like Bayonetta 2.
The console may lack multiplats, but it's still got enough great games that it's no longer a boring console.
I think it's fair to say that, at this point, if you don't own a Wii U as a compliment to whatever you rely on for your multiplat needs, then you ARE missing out on a lot of worthwhile games.

Having said that, I feel I need to be a bit harsh on Nintendo right now regarding a few things...

Nintendo definitely needs to open up some new teams and acquire a few brands that are practically synonymous with their consoles.
They can't rely on multiplats to sell their system (not only because many of the recent ones won't hit Wii U but also because third parties made Wii U owners hate/distrust them with the way many of the games arrived on the platform), so Nintendo needs to take the initiative to get more games available to replace what's missing. (side note; Devil's Third is looking like a great CoD/BF alternative for Wii U owners)

It would behoove them, for instance, to either outright purchase Mega Man, or acquire a deal to make some new ones exclusively for the Wii U.
Lord knows Capcom isn't gonna do anything new with Mega for a while, at this rate...

They also just need to start making as big a deal about other games, in advertisement, as they do with games like Mario Galaxy.
Bring out games like F-Zero, Fatal Frame, Xenoblade, SMT X Fire Emblem, and other games that aren't a part of the Nintendo Triad, and get a REALLY strong TV presence for them, and watch gamers flock to the console.
Splatoon's a good start, but you'll need more than that.
And for that, more teams and more exclusive deals are essential.

But really, for emphasis...
You need it.

marloc_x1038d ago

“As an Agency we have a reputation for helping brands define and redefine creative culture and Nintendo is one of the most iconic brands out there; few can lay claim to having played such a consistent role in providing worldwide family entertainment for so long! It’s great to be embarking on a new journey with the Nintendo Team at such an exciting time for the brand.”

- new UK PR agency PrettyGreen founder Mark Stringer

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

which is why they need to get those Japanese developers on 3DS over to Wii U. Like have an exclusive Rune Factory, Theatrhthm, Etrian Odyssey, Senran Kagura, Shin Megami Tensei, Bravely Default, Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter and Persona would be great for the library.

TheDivine1037d ago

Yea the 3ds library is killer while the WiiU library is paper thin. Boggles the mind how Nintendo can get one system so right and another so wrong. They already have support just request console games from every good handheld franchise.

Same thing with Sony. Ps4 lineup is killer and the vita is worse than the WiiU which is extremely bad right there. They own tons of developers and have deep relationships with devs but they don't care about the vita. It could've been a smash hit with very minimal effort or expense but why bother? Its only there as a remote play/ps now marketing tag line.

superchiller1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

@wonderfulmonkeyman - As usual, your damage-control posts in support of Nintendo are all about excuses and finger-pointing, and have little to do with the actual reality of where Nintendo is today in the gaming world.

1) "Nintendo's advertisement sucks, needs work" - How many times have we heard this old, tired excuse about lack of advertising for the Wii U? The problem is that no amount of advertising or marketing will change the fact that the Wii U is a poorly-designed, low-spec, feature-lacking console. That is in fact the biggest issue at hand, and the reason why almost no 3rd party games come out for it (they don't port well to much inferior hardware)

2) "They need more teams and more exclusive deals with outside sources to increase their game count" - Honestly I can't disagree with this point at all, but Nintendo has proven time and again that they want to keep their spending to a bare minimum (just look at the Wii U hardware for proof), they simply won't open their fat wallets to finance much of anything, and this has resulted in a fairly barren wasteland when it comes to actual games coming out on the console.

3) "the Wii U's library is strong enough at this point to be worth owning" - It really isn't, unless you are a diehard Nintendo fan who must own every Mario, Zelda, etc. game that comes out. Take that away, and there is very little reason to want or buy a Wii U, due to its meager library and inability to match current gen requirements.

4) You have said over and over again that it is the fault of 3rd party devs that their games don't sell well on the Wii U. This really couldn't be farther from the truth. The reality is that the Wii U's weak design basically made it impossible for 3rd party devs to properly port their games over from the other, much stronger consoles (or sadly, even the last gen ones). Nintendo left out way too many features, and gimped the specs of the base console, all to accommodate the awkward gamepad gimmick. The end result? Wii U just can't handle ports very well at all, and the vast majority of gamers will simply buy those games on more capable consoles.

In the end, all the excuses and blame-shifting won't change the truth: Ninendo alone is responsible for the poor status of the Wii U this generation, and trying to find other causes is nothing more than an exercise in futility.

wonderfulmonkeyman1038d ago

You can't be taken seriously.
We all know you hate Nintendo.
We all know that anyone who says a kind word about them is, in your eyes, a raving fanboy.

Do everyone a favor and just shut up. You have no say here.

superchiller1037d ago

@ wonderfulmonkeyman

Wow, I guess I hit a nerve. But it's pretty telling that instead of responding to my points, you resorted to an immature personal attack.

My guess is that all of my points pretty much negated everything you said, and you didn't have anything to counter them. You know that your logic is flawed when all you have left as a counter argument are immature comments, right? Pretty sad.

Blueraven3161038d ago

People grow out of the kiddy game phase. Sorry kidtendo

b163o11038d ago

I already know my post will have plenty of disagrees mainly cause of who Nintendo is. I really think they should shelve Nintendo's flag ship IP's for at least half of the next generation console that Nintendo decides to make. I say this cause just like most suggest there IPs are getting milked, not in the sense of COD or AC, but there expected. I honestly feel that if they let these iconic characters become missed they would be more appreciated. I think if Mario,Zelda,DK, and Samus where missing it may do some good for Nintendo, and then have all of them return within a certain year would bring the Nintendo children(meaning people's who's first console was an NES) back into the fold. Sometimes you have to miss something to really appreciate it

Hey but that just my opinion

Spotie1038d ago

I know people don't like that moniker, but it's got a fair amount of truth to it.

That's not to say that the games are ONLY for kids. They're not like Dora the Explorer, but they ARE geared towards a younger audience, which makes them more accessible overall. Nothing wrong with that, honestly. The problem is that this type of game makes up the majority of Nintendo's library. And the majority of that library contains the same IPs from the 80s.

There just isn't much in the way of new blood from their games. It's fair to argue that, for the most part, Nintendo leans on the strength of their stars to make their games popular. Would some of their games be as successful without the pull of Mario? I think that's the thing: people want to see them take MORE risks with their new games. The odd Xenosaga is great, but it's rare, and has been so for some years now, as it pertains to Nintendo.

N4g_null1038d ago

I agree. Nintendo needs a prominent adult entertainment sector. Disney even has this. I understand the end for everyone but they have to see no matter how fun the game play is and how addictive it is that some people are turned off by it.

If you truly are a nintendo fan then your remember actraiser, rad racer, simcity, master blaster, bomberman. They where all 3rd party and many of those companies are incapable of making games that fun anymore. Everything is a pc blockbuster now. These where the guys that filled in that hole.

It use to be win win for all. Now 3rd parties know they can even keep up with past works and have started the current hype sequel story based games when everything use to rely on cool and addictive gameplay. If you own any 3rd party games ask your self why people can trade in any of these great games but no one trades in nintendo games. You see Ive found that if you can get past the e for everyone you find an addictive game. This isn't happening, which is why monkey brings up advertising. It's the act of forcefully showing people why it's fun.

The 3ds does this in public all of the time.

I'm hoping that the nx brings some new blood in. Xenonblade, the Pandora tower team, along with others should help.

Also there is a huge opportunity for indies to fill in those slots. The middleware market is getting better and the tools are pretty mature.

What is funny is how more is are on the 3ds than their home console. It could be that unifying the platforms exposes more ip to people who only play at home.

Seraphim1038d ago

Some people grow out of the kiddie game phase. Others think they're too mature for it. And so on. The problem isn't so much the kiddie games. The problem becomes are these games worth me dropping $300 + games to play? I was just looking at Wii U thinking it would be nice but for the few games I might actually play and enjoy it's still not worth it. I'd much rather hook up my NES and play some old 8 bit Mario, Battletoads, etc or hook up my GC and play Zelda Collection, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, etc. Fact is some gamers may go through a phase, some grow out of but a lot of, like myself, don't consider so called kiddie games obsolete and still not only play but enjoy the good ones. there's a time & mood for all games

Fro_xoxo1038d ago

Neither. More like. .


InTheLab1038d ago

NSMB Wii is almost identical to NSMB Wiiu. Both of those games are very similar to the SMB3 and Super Mario World. Other than graphics and a suit here and there, these games are all rehashes.

How Nintendo is able to release these rehashes and escape criticisms that other titles receive is impressive. Of course they are well made games but the story is the same, the voice acting is the same for what little there is, and in the case of the NSMB series the games are carbon copies.

Now I'm not talking about the 3d games. Those are all Mario, but completely different. Obviously not talking about Zelda because they're all unique. But you're fooling yourself if you see a difference between DKC, DKCR, and tropical freeze...

from the beach1038d ago

There was a good 15-year gap between World and NSMB, and they're as different as World and 3, say.

Also there's one NSMB game on each platform and Nintendo clearly views it in that sense, ie. NSMB for DS, NSMB for Wii etc.

Ironically it's not 'new' any more, so perhaps they'll start a new series with the next 2D Mario.

InTheLab1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

I don't disagree but the point I'm making is they are basically the exact same game and no one cares because its mario. But look at Sly 4. Fantastic game but very similar to Sly 3. Pooped on by critics because of it. Meanwhile, we've been playing the same Marios for decades and the NSMB games are the worst example of rehashing. Princess kidnapped. Koopa bosses enhanced by Maigikoopa. The Bowser fights are at least different but all that came before it is basically the same. It's insulting that they actually call it an all new experience on the back of the box.

So the experience is very similar to the point of it being kinda lazy In comparison to the 3d games which are all diferent.

N4g_null1038d ago

@inthelab I agree with you. Wiiu Mario is a complete rehash. You can't say that about the others. The only thing that pulls nintendo thur is the actual game play. You see sly cooper isn't as addictive. It's cool but the game play isn't as tight. Focusing on story and art along is not what the addiction to Mario 2d is about. Nintendo knows this and wiiu Mario 2d proves this. No one buys it anymore. I'm also betting Mario maker may not sell as well also... due to no new cool art or play style.

The next Mario should be dlc so should most of the cod... unless they do something totally new. Yes the game pad was new but not new enough to keep me playing. This sort of sabotage the new donkey Kong also.

Hopefully this can be corrected by combining development efforts from handheld to console. Also there just needs to be more talent being pushed into the industry that actually can make addictive games.

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