5 Awesome Games That Are Coming to PS4 Soon

PS4Home: "This year is set to be the best so far thanks to a massive line-up. This article takes a look at titles incoming soon."

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masterfox915d ago

lol that list:

EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy FTW!!!!!!

Brotard915d ago

I hope this list is actually a joke

zsquaresoff915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Baring Until dawn, all the games mentioned are coming on other platforms as well.

Also, how can this list not have Arkham Knight and Witcher 3 in it?

kratoz1209915d ago

Missing alot of games.
Excited for planetside 2, persona 5, jump star victory, star wars, and many more

Godmars290915d ago

Is Planetside 2 even still a thing? Seems like even before SOE was sold off or went indy it was taking forever. Now that they've gone multi its not likely to show until after the PS5 and next Xbox are announced. If not out.

Farsendor1915d ago

new invites are still being sent out for the closed beta. I got mine about 2 weeks ago.

Rhezin915d ago

Can't wait for Shadow of The Beast, N++, and Alien Nation. And the God of War III remaster of course.

LoveSpuds915d ago

All the games listed look pretty great but I feel that there are definately bigger titles that I am more excited for.

This ix still quite a nice alternative list though.

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