Star Wars: Battlefront Gets New Info: Number of Maps, Frame Rate, Heroes, Unlockables and More

Star Wars: Battlefront was finally unveiled today with a new trailer and the opening of pre-orders, but there are still many questions floating around the fanbase. DICE Design Director Niklas Fegraeus answered to many of those.

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slinky1234561159d ago

Glad it's 60fps. I'm just concerned about it being only the original trilogy. Like will others come DLC? Will it be new games completely? They have to be in the cards to include it in the games future at some point. Like is this a new trilogy?

It don't matter if people didn't like the new trilogy, the setting and playing it all is what I want.

Abriael1159d ago

Honestly I'd rather them go to the old republic than to the new trilogy...

slinky1234561159d ago

Well the Old Republic would be awesome, but I highly doubt we would see that.

sonarus1158d ago

Old republic would be pretty fantastic but battlefront will do for now. This game has replaced Uncharted as my second most anticipated game after the Almighty MGS

Gority1159d ago

And I'd rather see stuff from Episode VII than the prequel trilogy.

isa_scout1159d ago

Boom... I completely agree with completely. Everyone's so focused on getting the prequel stuff in there that they haven't stopped to think of all the cool stuff they'll be adding that ties into episode 7. They're probably just waiting to release that stuff until after the movie releases so they don't spoil key locations. You know that Kylo Ren will show up as a hero. I'd bet money on it.

Gority1159d ago

@isa_scout I want Kyle Katarn to show up, do academy things. But that's just a pipe dream....

iiorestesii1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Plus covering the original trilogy sets up the chronology for the forthcoming films. The scope of this game reminds me of the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade game.

Mikeyy1159d ago

I thought they already announced that the force awakens will be added to the game after the movie comes out.

3-4-51159d ago

* First REAL DLC ( not battle of Jakku), will be released AFTER the movie releases, so at that point, they can include a planet or some stuff that links to Episode 7.

Obviously they aren't going to be allowed to spoil the movie at all, with the game being released before, so they kept that stuff in DLC until after the film I'm guessing.

Even's probably limited to maybe even a later DLC date into 2016 just to make sure there are no spoiler plot leaks.

Allsystemgamer1159d ago

The prequel trilogy was the least played stuff on battlefront 2. Why would they waste time and resources on something very few people want or like? They're going to include episode 7. It releases too soon to it to not.

The worst part of BF2 was droids vs clones. The droids were all so boring to look at and play as.

3-4-51159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

More than 2 maps on each planet. More than 8.

I'm thinking 14.

12 & 2 with the DLC for Jakku when that releases.

Gamestops site says it comes with 2 maps from that world.

* " more than 2 per map" would seem like at least 3 per map then right ?

* oh and this isn't just normal stuff....

It's Star Wars.

It's like an event....these things don't happen to often if you haven't noticed.

I'm just hyped I get to play Star Wars.

iiorestesii1158d ago

Could the prophecy be fulfilled? Could this be it? The coming of the one they will call COD KILLER?

InTheZoneAC1158d ago

new trilogy=whack and would be terrible to play in/as

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TXIDarkAvenger1159d ago

Instant Action - Mos Eisley - Assault Mode

I hope there is something similar. I probably spent the most time playing that in Battlefront 2.

Becuzisaid1159d ago

While I absolutely dislike the idea off shelling out $50 for 5 sets of map packs like with BF4, I may pony up for this if given the opportunity and the base game is as great as it hopefully will be.

LAWSON721159d ago

I am surprised there will be a lot of maps, hope it delivers.

MasterCornholio1159d ago

It doesn't contain a traditional single player campaign so it better have a lot of content for the multiplayer.

Randostar1158d ago

the game launches with 4 planets with at least 2 maps on each. Battle of Jakku free DLC will be released 2 weeks later and will include 1 more planet and at least 2 more maps. Expect the season pass to add at least 1 new planet for every DLC with 2-3 maps included. The game with launch with 8-9 maps with 2-3 more being added 2 weeks later for FREE.

Agent_00_Revan1159d ago

Glad there's confirmation of split screen. Was really worried they'd leave it out.

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