DICE's Design Director of Star Wars Battlefront, Niklas Fegraeus, Reveals Brand New Information

There is no doubt that Star Wars: Battlefront is today’s hottest video-game topic. Dice’s design director of Star Wars: Battlefront, Niklas Fegraeus, has answered a number of questions on Twitter, giving away new information about this new Star Wars title.

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iClenchTatas1134d ago

I'm glad to see DICE is being very open about the game and answering so many questions. It seems they are making an effort to gain trust from the gaming community.

Kingscorpion19811134d ago

That's always a good thing especially for the gamers.

kingeliran1134d ago

"Last but not least, the shield is a Battlefront POWERUP, and we have many more to reveal in the future"

Did i just read powerup?!
ok get ready to be milked ingame store with powerups, want to change lightsaber color? 2.99$
Want different skin for luke skywalker? 5.99$

Now i know the word powerup doesnt essentially means in game store but he chose this word its really shady he could just say gadget or upgrade.

And dont tell me it wont happen look at "evolve" most fuked up game i ever bought, and this is EA the most greedy company on earth, they hire whole departments just to plan how to milk players, THEY INVENTED the ingame store and since they got star wars game with tons of die hard fans they going to milk you all.

Neixus1134d ago

Since when was cosmetic microtransactions an issue? They don't put you one a higher level than others, they simply make your lightsaber pink.

To be fair, i haven't seen that many microtransactions that gives you an advantage over other people in EA games.

3-4-51134d ago

Not how it works buddy.

Stop making things up.

That stuff is in your head.

700p1134d ago

why is their always another crybaby like you?

Haru1134d ago

no offline campaign no story no space fights just online boring mp..nope won't even bother with this game it's a total fail

Allsystemgamer1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

It's primarily a 3rd person shooter. BF has never had ADS. It's never had a true "story" it doesn't need one. It's playin huge biggest battle from the movies. You guys are reall just nitpicking. The trailer was incredible. The only thing I'm disappointed about is tre lack of space.

The original had an offline mode. Battling with bots and SO DOES this one. Read. It has a kind of mission campaign mode.

Star Wars does not need ADS.