Food for Gaming: Buffalo Chicken Wings

Castle Pyramid - Whether playing video games by yourself, or playing with friends, chances are that food is going to be involved at some point. But it doesn’t matter if you are scarfing down pizza and chips at a LAN party or eating hot dogs and wings by yourself, things sometimes get messy. Your hands will get greasy or messy and, if left untended, is transferred to your controller or mouse and keyboard. That’s where Food for Gaming comes in. In this series, various types of snacks, apps, and foods gamers like to eat while gaming will be reviewed and rated on how well it meets certain criteria.

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Relientk771101d ago

Chicken wings are messy, very bad for gaming controllers

Blank1101d ago

Thats why you can use BONELESS buffalo wings and a fork or toothpick? Just a thought.

SeanDKnight1101d ago

You mean those chicken nuggets/chicken tenders?

I kid! I kid!

I plan to do an article for the boneless version as well. Just didn't want to lump both types in the same article. :)

TheCommentator1101d ago

Oh, Good Call! I was going to comment about the mess, but toothpicks/boneless FTW!!!

Veggies and dip are good to snack on too and not very messy either.

Ripsta7th1101d ago

Nah, i wouldnt want my controller getting all greasy
Im more of a hotpocket guy

SeanDKnight1101d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't want to get grease on my controller or mouse and keyboard, However, I've never eaten a hotpocket.

Lukebb911101d ago

I just turn the console of and go and cook something.... Simple really

Wings, kebabs, chips and pizza are a no no unless its saturday

SeanDKnight1101d ago

I love to cook. Gives me a chance to listen to some podcasts and take a break from gaming.

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