Star Wars: Battlefront - Detailed Information About the Actual Gameplay Footage Emerge

Unfortunately those following the Star Wars: Battlefront panel from home didn’t get to see the actual gameplay presentation, that was kept as an exclusive treat to those that attended the Star Wars Celebration.
Luckily Reddit user BobaFack, who was at the event, decided to share what he saw.

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DarkOcelet1185d ago

"this morning, saying that the “Battle of Jakku” DLC will be free to owners of the game on December 8th"

So we are talking about DLC 6 months before the release of the game. SMH. I am pretty sure the season pack will be confirmed at E3.

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Neixus1185d ago

So what? The DLC is free.

The reason they talk about the DLC is probably because disney paid them to promote the Star wars movie, so they made a map which location is from the upcoming movie.

I don't see whats wrong here, one thing is paid dlc discussed, but this is free :S

DarkOcelet1185d ago

And you dont think they will discuss paid dlc very soon? Its EA we are talking about here. You will soon see day 1 dlc, microtransactions etc etc etc. Mark my words.

Neixus1185d ago


Probably, but paid dlc wasn't the topic now :)

I don't like DLCs that much, but to be fair, BF3/BF4 Premium gave me A LOT for my money.

They're going to announce a kind of season pass, but hopefully it'll live up to the standard from their previous games.

crusf1185d ago

Stop complaining. Developing games isn't cheap anymore. If you ran a development company as big as DICE wouldnt you want as much money as you can to afford developing technologies and innovative ways to impress gamers and consumers alike?

3-4-51185d ago

wow, you guys are literally making stuff up.

Please stop lying to people.

* The Battle of Jakku isn't going to be ready because aside from just the Battle Mission, it's also including 2 Mutliplayer maps from that Planet....

^ Says so right on Gamestop's website if you'd actually look.

* It's FREE, and it's a lead in to the movie.

You get to play the battle and multiplayer on that planet, and then see it within the movie.

How cool is that? Really cool.

And your complaining......

medman1184d ago

I swear, people would find a way to complain if EA announced they were giving the game away for free...oh wait, people do complain about free to play. I meant, people would find a way to complain if the reveal was everything they could possibly hope for, and still wouldn't be good enough for certain types.

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venom061185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Person on this article sounds NOTHING like the many other folks that saw ACTUAL gameplay and thought it was amazing. People do yourselves a favor and find other impressions of the actual gameplay on Twitter or Youtube.. Most folks that saw the actual multiplayer gameplay were blown away.. DLC is what it is.. No different from Call of Duty, but people pay for that because its what they want.

N4GJD1184d ago

Be careful not to get way overhyped; so far, while pretty, the game is looking very thin on content and real substance. You have been warned. It reminds me a lot of games released last year that were only a disappointment.