Check Out Bloodborne’s Next Hit PvP Style, Naked Duels

In this hilarious video, two warriors meet on the battlefield in Bloodborne. The rules? No weapons, no armor, no clothing. Who will win???

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Snookies121189d ago

That's hot, I may have to participate. The epitome of gentlemanly melee.

Stsonic1189d ago

Every time I ring the bell to play online I never find anyone, like ever :/

HammadTheBeast1189d ago

Try Nightmare Frontier or Cainhurst castle, I've had a few good fights there. Wherever there are bell ringing maidens is usually a good place to find fights.

belac091188d ago

thats strange, maybe your too high level for the area.

HaveAsandwich1189d ago

that's a lot of bitchslapping