Animals Can Report Your Crimes in GTA V on PC

Buried deep in the source code for GTA V is something a little interesting. Turns out that cats, dogs, and anything else of a fluffy variety can report your crimes in GTA V.

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crazychris41241133d ago

Explains why we get 1 star when were shooting with a silenced weapon in the middle of nowhere.

XabiDaChosenOne1133d ago

I laughed so hard at this for some reason.

NecotheSergal1132d ago

*Pew pew*


What's that lassie? A notorious thug is shooting a silenced weapon?


At 123 Fake St?


And he's there as we speak?!


LET'S ROLL *Cocks shotgun*

The_Blue1132d ago


This explains that one Franklin mission.

NecotheSergal1132d ago

Lol, wait shit. xD Of the amount of GTAV that I did play (Not much) now you made me remember that that actually happened. Franklin comically translates the dog who tries to tell him that a parachutist fell into a tree and needs help.

I had completely forgotten about that XD

yewles11133d ago

I WOULD complain about how silly that is, but I would be forgetting an underlying fact that no one wants to talk about; the elephant in the room that is everything in GTA is in fact done in parody...

SunnyZ1133d ago

Snitches get stitches.
Kill all animals!

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The story is too old to be commented.