Blizzard is Removing Rift Trials from Diablo 3

IGN - Blizzard has begun the process of removing Rift Trials from Diablo III, one of the game's designers said on a recent Twitch broadcast.

Rift trials compose a mini-game in which players fight waves of enemies for increasing rewards –– the longer players survive, the better the Greater Rift key they receive, which grants access to higher-level rifts (endgame content with better rewards). But according to Wyatt Cheng, Blizzard senior technical game designer, nobody likes the tedious rift trials.

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Tzuno1068d ago

Finally, the whole idea was bad.

Kane221068d ago

i actually liked the trials. i found nothing wrong with it. but its whatever i guess. the majority wins so ill just play it until they remove it with something else or nothing at all.

Death1067d ago

I also enjoy the rift trials. It's a nice way to see how your stat changes affect your dps. The trials don't take long either so I don't see the problem. Without the trials, how will greater rift keys be obtained and will they still have levels?

DarkBlood1068d ago

I guess i wont get to experience endless waves when i evetually pick it up then

OMGitzThatGuy1067d ago

Rifts will still be in the game just not trials and i have hated trials since it was first released and i hope they let us choose any rift.

Narutone661067d ago

I wonder how will we upgrade the gems. During season 2 I need at least Grift 43 and above to upgrade my gems. That's only 60% or lower chances of succeeding.

Cra2yey31067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

People were exploiting the rifts anyway. After I joined a friends game, I shot up 600 paragon levels in 2 minutes and it completely killed the game for me after that. Glad they are being removed.

Avernus1067d ago

Rifts are still going to be in the game, as well as greater rifts. Your friends were probably using modded gear and doing greater rifts lvl 90-100.

You had the option to leave but you stayed anyway. You don't just get "shot up to 600". You ruin the game for yourself lol

Cra2yey31066d ago

I had no idea this existed from being gone from the game since Destiny came out. I was in shock at what was actually happening and needed explaining. Don't get it twisted.

Avernus1066d ago

It was hard to figure out something was wrong when you noticed you're leveling up after every kill? 600 Paragon points just like that? please... you played a few games. 600 Paragon points is no joke, even by modding standards.