The perils of being an Xbox gamer

Last generation being an Xbox gamer was great, we started by pushing our great Playstation rivals to last place in the console war with early sales and dominated them in North America overall. There was a host of AAA titles, excellent exclusives and the pad was the best on the market. We laughed at the demise of the Playstation, a console which always had a huge market share which was struggling to match our sales and was getting trampled on by the Wii. Life was good, we could announce our devotion to the Xbox brand and could frequent forums without ridicule and poke fun at Sony and their failings. How times have changed.

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DarkOcelet1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

The person who wrote the article really seems to hate the Xone. Once Quantum Break and Gears IV gets released, i will surely get it. There is also Halo 5/Crackdown/Phantom Dust/CrackDown/ScaleBound for those interested in those games so it will have great games.

And i am not sure the author should be embarrassed by owning the Xone lol. Things will get better and it will have more awesome games, yes, it might not have JRPGS but they will have some great games too and you will appreciate having one later on.

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DEEBO1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Naw he is being truthful something alot x1's owners won't admit.

The PS4 is the better system plan and simple.

I got the wiiu,Xbox one and PS4 and the best place to play is the PS4.

PlayStation plus,PlayStation now,better 1st party,better controller (opinion) hardware is the best out of the 3 and VR.

The 1st xbox was my favorite system even over the ps2, ps2 had good games but xbox was doing things better from graphics to online but now i don't see MS plan.

I hope their new games knock it out the park but this end of the year fire sale they do are killing them.

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Kiwi661071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Don't you mean that the ps4 is the best place to play for you but it clearly isn't the same for everyone as some just prefer xbox

breakpad1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

people dont understand that the whole Xbox brand build around 1 and only name HALO...HALO:CE was so good -larger than life, a true masterpiece after it, HALO 2 started the downfall ..yes it had very well organized multiplayer but in comparison with HALO CE was a quick made mediocre game , although the hype and the name of HALo was so strong that supported 2 generation of consoles (X360 , X1)only on that 1 name/game and also from COD games which purposely were better on Xbox by the moneybagged Crap Activision ...

ShwankyShpanky1070d ago

Why do people always refer to their Xbox/PS4/WiiU collecting dust like it's a bad thing?

I mean, I play my PS4 every day... but it's still collecting dust. Wouldn't it collect less dust if it wasn't being used? If it was constantly tucked away in a badly ventilated cabinet, or boxed up in the closet?

If your consoles are repelling dust while in use, you might want to get it serviced... that could be a sign of static buildup due to improper grounding.

Kal0psia1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )



One of the best comments, I applaud you good sir. On topic, it's all subjective. Both consoles have games that attract gamers who like them. I bought an XOne NOT becuase of the console because it haas the games I grew up with and like. Just becuase Microsoft got bad flak since launch doesn't mean I'm going to sacrifice that and NOT play the future Gears or many great future titles from Microsoft. In my opinion.

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Kingdomcome2471071d ago

This article is complete stealth/concern trolling imo. There is absolutely no shame in owning the Xbox One. It is a great console that continues to improve. It's not the most powerful, and it may not have the highest rated games either, but I enjoy it immensely along with the PS4. On another note... the PlayStation brand never met it's demise like he mentions. In the event that it had of met it's demise, it surely wouldn't have been anything to laugh about like he says that he did. This article is fanboyish through and through.

nix1071d ago

How is it a stealth trolling?

The title clearly says that - Perils.

medman1071d ago

I like what you said...very fair and balanced assessment, but you still get downvoted. Curious.

krypt19831071d ago

I have all systems ps4 constantly collects dust until the next worthy exclusive is released, Xb1 is the overall better console imo period, xbl is leagues ahead of psn, interface is way better, idc my ps4 has a slightly better gpu hell half the time you can even tell the difference,if I cared about graphics and resolution I would play more games on my pc which is better then xb1 and ps4 combined. .

CaptainObvious8781070d ago

Interesting how you can't tell the difference between 44% more pixels, but you can easily tell that XBL is leagues better than PSN.

I always hear this nonsense about the online services, but I never see any proof.

Snookies121070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

Or, you know... Just X1. If you're trying to simplify a name, might as well make it as simplified as possible.

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Eonjay1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

To be honest... the back and forth is only online. My sister has an Xbox One and she loves it. She doesn't subscribe to the fake online war.

That being said. If you want to come online, you have to have the fortitude to accept that other may have differing opinions than you.

Man up.

tinynuggins1071d ago

It's true, you put a bunch of hard core xbox and sony fans in a room and all you you end up with is a group of people playing games and having a good time. This BS "console war" is only for the kids online with nothing better to do. It's unfortunate but at least it's limited to online and doesn't bleed into reality.

Pogmathoin1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

I sometimes wonder if hardcore Sony and xbox fanboys have an xbox or PS.... They spend the whole day here trolling and expanding the copy and paste links over and over again... There are no perils of being a gamer, none at all.... This article stems from the used end of toilet paper.... Was same last time around, was loving 360, but then PS3 came out with Resistance...... Had to have it... End off.....just play the games, those who write these shlthole articles must has some severe insecurity, there is much more going on in the world to even give a shlt about this 'war'

'Crawl back under your rock'....... What, are you a Man U or Liverpool fan too?? Why would you feel the need for that??

stuna11071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Damn to bad you've reached your bubble limit because you definitely earned one with that comment. The difference of opinions is a mainstay in any console generation, and will repeat a ongoing cycle in the next.


You would be surprised at the amount of people that support a specific console because it's the popular thing to do! Or rag on another because they don't want to be lumped in with the unpopular brand at the time.

Automatic791071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )


I agree with everything you just said the back and fourth is definitely online only. I see a ton of people buying Xbox One just like they buy PS4. As a Primary Xbox One player and owner of PS4 as a secondary system I have to say that this article make valid points but also feels like an undercover fanboy writing to downplay Xbox.

As an Xbox One player I completely admit the following:

1 Xbox should have shown off more games and less media at the reveal in 2013

2 Should have kept some of there futuristic Ideas about game sharing and DRM quiet and see how this generation plays out

3 Most importantly should have had Phil running Xbox from the beginning

Now with all the above I have stated this is where I have a problem with the article. I quote

"It is hard to join in any gaming related conversation being an Xbox owner, there’s nothing to get excited about or talk about anymore. Instead I avoid forums through fear of ridicule, I avoid any gaming outlets online because I am ashamed of the choices Xbox has made. Microsoft seems to be focusing on different ways to play and interact and ignored the hardcore following which made it successful."

I don't care how many times I get ridiculed or get disagrees. I will always be an Xbox gamer first and overall gamer of other consoles. The author states he is ashamed of the choices being made by Xbox now I beg to differ

Phil is the leader now big plus for me as a gamer

Xbox One is now going back to the Original Xbox feeling games first and everything else secondary another big plus

Xbox One and Windows 10 intergration, big plus for me.

Free games monthly

Solid updates that shows why the Xbox is built for the future

At E3, Gamescom and GDC I have seen Xbox more focus then ever with Games while the competition is focused on shows and periphials another plus

The biggest reason for me is the games since this generation started Xbox has had some of the best games I seen reminding me of the early Xbox 360 days and the future looks even better with gams like Halo 5, Forza 6, Rare creating a new IP(No more Kinect games), Crackdown, Quantum Break, Scalebound and Gears of War just to name a few.

I am far from being ashamed as an Xbox gamer. Right now it is the complete opposite I am even more proud of the direction they are going and the future is only going to get better. In terms of being in between Sony and Nintendo in this race till the end of this generation. Being in the gaming space with 15 years of console experience shows they are a contender and are willing to learn, listen to gamers, make mistakes and most importantly provide gaming experiences you won't be able to see anywhere else. Unlike the author I am not leaving Xbox when the going gets tough because it is moments like these that define generations and shows what heart is all about. This gamer right here is not crawling under a rock or waiting out the storm I am confronting it and hope all my fellow Xbox gamers do the same.

Eonjay1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )


The thing is, there is a popularity war going on and that is a fight that Xbox is not going to win. I for one can admit to liking things that aren't exactly the most popular.

In reference to what the Xbox has become compared to its initial reveal, its definitively improved. But just the same, you can look at the PS3 and admit that the competition from Xbox 360 forced PlayStation to become a better product overall. From development to features.

But regardless of all of that. if you game on Xbox One, there is no peril. I like what I like and I would still like it if other didn't.

Paytaa1071d ago

I'm in the same exact position as you. I'll always be an Xbox fan first and foremost before anything even with all the ridicule and what not. Love Playstation and Nintendo but Xbox is home for me in the console space.

chrissx1071d ago

I rem early days of 360 ms rly looked determined but down the yrs the games dried up and that followed with the ridiculous x1 reveal. Atleast spencer is getting it back on the right track but sonys dominance will likely last throughout the generation.

MasterBaker1071d ago

Agreed, Phil spencer and the Xbox team have been turning things around, but the ps4 will most likely dominate this generation no matter what, and it really does deserve it.

2pacalypsenow1071d ago

Why does it not deserve it? They completely changed their attitude compared to 2006 when you had to get a 2nd job to own one .

They made it Developer and user friendly . A complete turnaround from playstation 3

Kingdomcome2471071d ago

@2pacalypsenow- His comment says that,"it really DOES deserve it." It doesn't show his comment as having been edited either, so I imagine you just misread it, bud.

Rookie_Monster1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Proud owner of the xbox one here. Opposing Fanboys and their ignorant opinion pieces can go to h.!!

Currently enjoying Halo MCC, Killer Instinct, Forza Horizon 2, Ori, Sunset Overdrive on this awesome console and patiently awaiting the Megatron known as Halo 5 along with Forza 6 and Rise of the Tomb Raider along with what DX12 will bring to the consile this year and Quantum Break, Crackdown, Scalebound, and Gears 4 next year. There is no shame in the amount of games that are coming for a great system that is outpacing last gen consoles sales at the same time frame. Just because the PS4 is doing better doesn't mean the XB1 is Wii U.

Haters will hate and doom and gloom articles will continue to be approved here but it doesn't change the fact that the XB1 is an awesome console.

700p1071d ago

ya im having a blast with my xbox one.

NatureOfLogic_1071d ago

"ya im having a blast with my xbox one."


Eonjay1071d ago

If thats a stealth troll, its really good.

XiMasterChief1071d ago


Relatively speaking, if we are talking about resolution, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are both failures. Most, if not all, games are visually (graphics, some may seem the same) downgraded from their PC counterparts.

Before you console gamers speak about how your console is holding about eachothers, you should note that: you are holding back the PC, where the graphics actually matter.


Automatic791071d ago

@Rookie Monster well said. Read my post above on this thread. We are both feeling the same way.

TheKingslayer1070d ago

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Rookie, you are no different than many gamers years back who owned the Xbox 360 who said there was more to that console than Halo.

It's not irony, but a revelation to see the Xbox One get the same treatment as the Xbox 360 did. For entirely different reasons. This time for games that are 900p in resolution. The games are not broken, don't perform bad, there is no RROD controversy, no disc format difference, etc.

I'm not understanding the peril of being an Xbox One owner. At all. Especially when you take into account the amount of investment Microsoft is making into updating the console on every level. I mean if you are an Xbox One owner you should whole heartedly be having a really enjoyable time.

If you are a PS4 gamer you should be jumping for joy. The system is not hard to develop for, there are no super computer claims to speak of to destroy the hardware's real capabilities with such propaganda.

In effect with the PC pushing towards full capability without being held back by console gaming.

Nintendo's WiiU growing in gaming audiences minds as a great place to play.

Mobile gaming space growing by leaps and bounds.

Both the Xbox One and PS4 doing really good with gamers (offline). This is shaping up to be a really interesting and dynamic generation of gaming all around.

In light of the facts...Death to the fanboy troll on this one.