Star Wars: Battlefront - First Impressions

Today, after a long, long wait the trailer of Star Wars: Battlefront was finally released at Star Wars Celebration. The trailer was well-received by attendees of the reveal and fans watching around the world, now Andy from GamersFTW is here to give his first impressions on the trailer and the in-game features that have been confirmed by DICE developers.

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Enyxodin1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Just to point out: there is 4 planets, endor, sullust, hoth and tatooine not just 4 maps! In those 4 planets dice has said that every planet will contain more than 2 maps and it will be more than 8 maps in total! So if we think 3 maps × 4 planets...that is equal to 12 maps at least...

BiggerBoss1158d ago

There was way more than 4 planets in Battlefront 2. We know there will be Hoth and Tattoine, so that leaves two left. Two. Which means alot of awesome planets have been left out. This game should have had a longer development time, most of the news Ive heard so far has been disappointing:/

Becuzisaid1158d ago

The map sizes in battlefront 2 were tiny in comparison to what we'll get here

KidKenobi1158d ago

Oh okay Thanks a lot for clarifying :)

3-4-51158d ago

4 Planets with MORE THAN 2 maps per planet.

More than 8.

* If 3 maps per planets @ 4 planets = 12 Maps.

Battle of Jakku comes with Battle + 2 Multiplayer maps set on Jakku.

12 + 2 = 14 maps

It will ship with 12, we will get 2 more for free two weeks later, and then Force Awakens releases like a week or two after that.

From there on, they can open up more planets, but I don't think they wanted to spoil anything heading into the movie.

The movie is more important than the game, so they had to make sure it had no new movie stuff at least at launch.

Hopefully you can understand that.

Mapuche3431158d ago

Star Wars Battlefront 2 had 24 maps including space maps at launch.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 also including content from the Clone Wars.

It had a Campaign

It's Galactic Conquest mode was actually throughout the Galaxy and not just 5 planets

It was done with technology that is more than 10 years old now.

Summons751158d ago

There has been ZERO gameplay shown, they can talk about how amazing the game will be all they want. The fact that they weren't confident enough to reveal gameplay speaks volumes. We are in a different age, hold private demos doesn't work anymore when we have the internet. If you are okay with showing off a demo there is no reason why you can show some gameplay in a trailer. The game sounds like it will be great and the engine sure looks good but neither of those tell me anything about the gameplay. I'll still buy it because it's Star Wars Battlefront which should have never gone away to begin with but until they show gameplay I will keep expectations low. After the past month of them saying they are revealing the GAME then to show nothing from the game was highly disappointing.

medman1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

I agree with you, I was expecting to see gameplay given the level of buildup they generated for the event, and not to see it was extremely disappointing. But I am encouraged by what those who saw the private demo are saying, considering what they saw was running off a ps4, by all accounts, and was pre-alpha yet still impressive to those in attendance. There is obviously no way the gameplay will match the trailer, but I like what I'm hearing about the diversity in battles, as well as the different planet locations...and while there are no space battles, there will be aerial combat with tie fighters, x-wings, etc. etc. Sounding pretty good overall. I'm more optimistic than pessimistic about it.

Rute1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

I think one of the most visually impressive elements in the trailer were the assets (environments, objects, etc.) and DICE has stated that those were indeed in-game assets. In essence, DICE have used photogrammetry to create 3D environments and objects from 2D photographs using a special 3D mapping tech and software.

It is possible to decrease poly count and texture resolution of such photorealistic assets without losing much fidual fidelity because the starting point is so good (closer to reality than any human could create).

Another recent game that relied on photogrammetry derived assets was The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter. It looked really impressive considering how smoothly it runs on PC.

That said, I'm confident that the visual fidelity of the PS4 version of SW Battlefront will be very close to the PS4 trailer we saw.

If you're interested to learn more of photogrammetry, check out this amazing video:

moomoo3191158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

We are still 7 months from the release date i think its ok to not show gameplay yet. Its the first ever full trailer and they atleast showed behind-closed-doors gameplay depicting the same scene from the trailer, so the previews are relevant to us. Who unveils a game to the public with pre-alpha gameplay?

venom061158d ago

that's BS... gameplay was revealed to folks there and media folks. YOU and I didnt see it, but the folks that did said it was looked great.

Summons751158d ago

That is exactly what I am saying. If they are confident enough to show it off privately then there is no reason that the trailer couldn't have had gameplay, even if it was a minute of it. It's 2015, there were millions of people watching that stream. It's not the 90's or the early 00s, they hyped the reveal up and nothing for it. Sure people from that private demo are saying good things but they are also making it come across as Battlefield with a Star Wars skin, which is not good to come across as.

Fkhalf161158d ago

Feel like Battlefront is being rushed to ride the HYPE of Episode 7 in December. I hope Im wrong though as I don't want the envitable E.T to happen again.

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Pathogenic1158d ago

Too be fair to the fans, I was really hoping that the Starwars Celebration 2015 was going to be big for us. I was hoping to see limited edition Playstation 4, Xbox One's, Collector Editions for both consoles +PC.

But we ended up with Deluxe Editions and Standard Editions. The Deluxe Edition, your paying $10.00 for cosmetics only.

Moving on the trailer was nice too see with the ingame engine. But like most gamers we were left without gameplay footage. All I can say is that, it was a let down and a hype train that has been derailed since the unveiling of the trailer.

It leaves me wondering as a gamer what the console versions look like without the PC performance. I want a real sense of what it looks like graphically.

Last but not least it was an amazing trailer and I enjoyed every bit of it. Today I preordered my Deluxe Edition copy at Ebgames. I was the first person to preorder it.

I am hoping by May 4th (May the 4th be with you), that the Collector and Limited Editions get unveiled for preorder as well as a beta for everyone. (Or a gameplay trailer)

Anyways have a good remaining weekend

iamnsuperman1158d ago

The more I read about this game the less appealing it is. It just seems like a massive step backwards from a game that released 10 years ago.

crazychris41241158d ago

Im worried too. Think the tight deadline to get this game out just before the movie has harmed the game. If they had more time we could have gotten the amazing leaked gameplay from BF3 that showed players could fight on the ground then hop into an X Wing, fight against TIE Fighters then land inside a Star Destroyer to try and blow it up. Who wouldnt want to play that?

Hope when they show off gameplay they prove me wrong.

iamnsuperman1158d ago

I can see why "fight on the ground then hop into an X Wing, fight against TIE Fighters then land inside a Star Destroyer to try and blow it up" wouldn't work (and not be included unless you have a massive player count and specific objectives to certain users) but to not put in space battles to start with is idiotic. I wouldn't mind if they separated the ground and space battles (little bit of ground with the infiltrating of the ships). At least it is there

BiggerBoss1158d ago

Unfortunately, I completely agree with you. At this point, Id rather they just remaster Battlefront 2, it was an amazing game with lots of planets, space battles and more. Now im feeling all nostalgic lol

sprinterboy1158d ago

It has my interest but will for gameplay, can't stop watching force awaken 2nd trailer with sonys 7.1 gold headset, sounds epic, best £53 ever spent

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