Miyamoto tells us why we don't need Rock Band or Guitar Hero

Destructoid writes: "One of the games Nintendo really wanted to sell at their press conference was Wii Music. Nintendo's game of invisible instruments seems to pale in comparison to the more competitive music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Today, Shigeru Miyamoto talked to multiplayerblog about why consumers should want to own Wii Music over the new music offerings from Harmonix and Neversoft:

'What I find what is fun about music [games] is when you really get into a good rhythm and you have a great time performing. But the challenge is then, how do you do that in a way where people don't have to worry about hitting the wrong note or making a mistake? So, that's really been our focus with designing Wii Music.'

So, the fact that Wii Music will provide us with the opportunity to act like we're playing a game is the reason why we should gravitate towards the title? I'm sorry, but the idea seems to be lost on me. I realize every game doesn't have to be competitive, but at the same rate, there has to be something present that is more engrossing than our own imaginations. I understand the sentiment when relating it to the uber-casual gamer, but for everyone? I guess we'll have to see later when we get our hands on it."

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iamtehpwn3777d ago

I wouldn't pay full retail price of $50 for it, but if It's 20-30, I'll definitely do that.

WiiMusic Inspires creative among other things. Rock Band and Guitar hero are simply soundtracks with game specific controllers.

Torch3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

"But the challenge is then, how do you do that in a way where people don't have to worry about hitting the wrong note or making a mistake?"

Actually, the REAL challenge for Nintendo is to convince their market that there really IS a point for one to bat away blindly in thin air without missing a single note of their uh, "music."

Incentive or objective = Zero

Those guys all looked when like my baby boys aimlessly hammer away at their Fisher Price "instruments"...and the reps didn't even miss a SINGLE note of the Super Mario theme in the process!


...Ah, No.

Panthers3777d ago

Ya I can turn on my radio and play air guitar anytime I want to, I just dont want to look like a dumbass.

That is what you would look like playing this.

gamerosity3777d ago

LOL, I agree with you Torch. What is the point of a game that you can never lose? Without the possibility of losing, you'll never feel the sense of accomplishment when you win. I'd readily admit that it looks pretty neat, but under that criteria, I'd call Wii Music an "interactive experience" moreso than a game.

ChickeyCantor3777d ago

The whole point of it is to "play" the note when ever you feel like.

As long a note is suppose to play, you can hit the button at any given time to variate the music.

Jamzz3777d ago

I wonder how John Mayer feels about Wii music.

Baka-akaB3777d ago

Challenge ??? I think it's pretty obvious it's marketed towards non gamers ... and that they'll lap it up .

It will bore them real fast , but they'll enjoy seeing their movement reproduced , while without any hit or miss for notes . It's air guiter again in an even dumber way

halo2_redvsblue3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

He Didn't make the game. He insulted Halo, Twisted Metal, God of War and Other games that are Big that he Didn't make or that are on every system other than the Wii. I lost all my respect for Miyamoto.

ChickeyCantor3777d ago

He did not insulted halo XD
He only said that he is not going for that demograph.
Twisted metal, he only asked why you would do that from a point to understand it.

As for God of war, dont know bout that.

iamtehpwn3777d ago

than anything you listed.

aiphanes3777d ago

I have never seen a nintendo fanboy on N4G....Would you really rather play nintendo music, or Rock Band 2 or the new Guitar Hero game?

Lemons3776d ago

The development teams Miyamoto has worked with have created some stunning titles. I think Miyamoto (although no doubt creative) is more of a front man and is often unfairly credited for the hard work of others.

However, back to Wii Music which does looks truly dire. Its a shame seeing Nintendo produce this kind of nonsense considering some of the truly innovative titles they have created in the past. 'Wii Muzak' may be a more appropriate title.

ChickeyCantor3776d ago


I pick Megaman 9.

iamtehpwn3776d ago

But Music games are a TOTAL rip off. I mean, if I got Rock band over Wiimusic, that would be great, if it was free, But you gotta be on LSD if you think I'm gonna pay $170 for a game like that. No way. I could buy 3-4 ACTUAL games for that price. Then they want to Charge you for DLC? That's LAUGHABLE.

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