Everything Wrong With Mortal Kombat X

In this episode of “Everything Wrong With,” we decided to pick the latest big game, and that’s NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat X.

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WillGuitarGuy1159d ago

*looks at vid image*

"Everything Wrong with Bloodborne"


700p1159d ago

As far as I can see too, nothing is really wrong with any of those games.

Sadist31158d ago

The only thing wrong with mortal kombat x is they give people way too much time to pull off a fatality. It takes away from the satisfaction of pulling one off in a short time. You literally have time to press the option button, look at how to perform the fatality, and perform it. Might as well make everyone have a one button pressed fatality. Oh wait, they do have easy fatality coins...

Fireseed1158d ago

"I think many fans of the franchise would happily switch out some of the good but not great new characters for revamped classic characters"

Yeah, that sounds awesome. Franchise stagnation back by popular demand! In fact can we bring back Shao Kahn? And then keep bringing him back for the 15 Mortal Kombats? Change scares me.


Not a big fan of fighting games but I'm glad fans of MK seem pleased!

Genova841158d ago

MKX is a great game aside from all the bugs with the pc version. Hoping they work them out soon!