Opine: The lack of a Star Wars Battlefront campaign isn’t necessarily a bad thing

PSGamer: The Star Wars Battlefield reveal was fantastic. The in-engine trailer is the perfect aperitif to whet the appetite for the games November release but a few additional game details have made some feel like Sarlacc fodder, namely the lack of a single player campaign, opting for a multiplayer focus with “crafted missions” similar to those found in Titanfall.
earing the news that there would be no single player story campaign in Star Wars Battlefront initially left me feeling a little cold. Why cut out an entire demographic wedge of single player enthusiasts by not including a plot to the game? It didn’t make much sense but after sitting and mulling it over, there are few valid reasons why it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m not going to try to apologise for the games lack of single player content (because I would have preferred its inclusion myself) but here are a few reasons why a lack of a campaign might not necessarily be a bad thing.

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DarkOcelet1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Wait, it doesnt have a campaign? WTF!

Its MP only? Really EA?? No Space Battles? In a game called Star Wars???

I am pretty sure this game will be filled with DLC to the core. And the trailer looked so damned good. Thats a shame really.

I am 100% sure Space battles and whatnot will be added in their soon to be announced season pack or whatever $hitty deluxe BS edition they have announced.

Up Yours EA!

thorstein1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

They didn't say it has no SP. This claim is from IGN and is being repeated.

I am not counting it out until I hear it from EA.

In fact, you can do couch co-op or online. The SP has only been referred to as "missions."

DarkOcelet1071d ago

Oh, you mean like the crappy missions from Titanfall that has barely any story? No thanks.

thorstein1071d ago

I don't know, but that trailer looks SP.

ThanatosDMC1071d ago

No SP but DLCs are plenty and all ready planned instead of being included in the disk. How nice of them.

venom061071d ago

to be honest, folks don't really even play the game for a campaign, and critics wouldn't do anything but bash it to hell anyway... GLAD they don't have one.. now they can focus MORE on MP which the majority of folks play anyway..

morganfell1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

They did say no campaign which they clarified with this:

I do not have an issue with no campaign but then again I wasn't one of the persons attacking certain past MP only titles for a similar design. There are a great many people, numerous ones in the idiot press, pretending they did not harshly score some past titles for lacking a true campaign. This is why written detailed standards matter. But readers will keep giving these moronic sites clicks as they flip flop and fly all the while damaging our hobby.

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Pandamobile1071d ago

If you're playing a multiplayer game for the story, you're in for a rough time.

Big_Game_Hunters1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Too many clowns here that obviously never played Battlefront.

N0TaB0T1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

You need to actually have played Battlefront to have a valid opinion.

Big_Game_Hunters1071d ago

You obviously never played Battlefront.
Only real thing to be mad about is the DLC assuming its day one.

Germany71071d ago

Can't agree more with DarkOcelet. EA and Dice are a big joke.
At least, the trailer for the movie looks great, lol.

Jalva1071d ago

DarkOcelet + 12d ago

"A single player only Fallout 4 or GTFO Bethesda. I have been waiting for this way too long. Dont ruin it. You already have a huge fanbase."

DarkOcelet + 6h ago

"Wait, it doesnt have a campaign? WTF!

Up Yours EA!"

It's a shame you can't stand by the logic used in your first post were you understand that the addition of an unnecessary multiplayer mode would detract from the prioritized experience due to too much resources being wasted on both when only one is necessary, the only difference this time is that it's vice versa.

3-4-51071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

* You get to play Star Wars.....the best it's ever looked, at 60 FPS, 20v20, and that isn't good enough for you ?

I mean.....for real ? seriously ?

Your complaining about it ?

People like you guys complain about everything.

* When somebody gives you $100 for free you are the type who complains that it wasn't $200.

You get to play Star Wars....a potentially awesome Star Wars game for the first time in a LONG TIME...

and your complaining.....

Just leave.....just stop playing games please.

Your ruining it for the rest of us.

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gangsta_red1071d ago

"Disney are being very precious about what is officially considered “Canon” and the last thing they will want is more story lines that they will want to retcon later."

This is exactly what I stated in an earlier comment. I think with Disney trying to clean up the Star Wars universe they don't want any confusion from people on what is considered canon. And they probably didn't have time to give EA a proper Star Wars story.

Not really an issue because to be honest the multiplayer is where this game is going to shine. So I think it's cool that the devs are focusing on making multiplayer as great as possible. It's DICE and Star Wars plus way is EA going to mess this up.

rainslacker1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

It's a pretty futile effort. Star Wars has had how many people write official material over the past couple decades?

Star Wars has always been full of plot holes, and shouldn't be taken as serious thought provoking sci-fi. It's fun for what it is, and I like the series well enough, but who cares about cannon? George Lucas screwed that up more than a myriad of writers did with the last 3 movies. I'm excited for the new movies, but I'm not expecting it to change Star Wars into epic Sci-Fi.

Let's face it, this was a way to rush the game out for this year in time for the movie. A SP campaign would have added another 6-12 months onto the dev time, and the dev time for this game is so fast I'd be surprised if it turns out any good either way. This game will be turned out in less than 2 years from when it was announced DICE was going to be making it. I understand the excitement for a new Battlefront game, but realistically, people's hopes are a bit too high given the history of this particular game in the franchise.

It's a rush job through and through. I'd say Disney may not let them screw it up,but they don't have the best history with video games either are and very inconsistent. And we all know EA will rush it out to meet their deadline because they know it'll sell regardless of if it works or not. Ship now, patch later is the way of EA.

I really hope I'm wrong, and that you are right. I would be ecstatic because this game is going to appeal to so many people that it would suck hard if the mainstream has to deal with another crappy release.

Sorry to be so negative...but this is EA...

Just to be on topic, I'd like a SP campaign myself. This news means I won't bother. Bots get boring, and it means there is no story, which seems lame for a game involving star wars.

gangsta_red1068d ago

There's a lot of people and die hard Star Wars fans who really care about cannon, enough that Disney would re-write the history post the original trilogy.

I'm not a huge Star Wars fan and I couldn't tell you much about the expanded universe or deep lore of Star Wars but I knew people that were very upset that Lucas changed the force to some metaclorians(sp?) in his episode 1 movie.

I don't believe this was rushed, we had heard rumors a year or two back that a new Battlefront was coming. It's safe to say that this game has been getting worked on since a year before last E3 when it was revealed.

This is DICE, they have a pretty good track record when it comes to gameplay. EA gets a bad rap but they have been trying to put out some pretty good games as of late, sure there were some bumps in the road but their games have always had a high level of quality.

I don't care about a SP campaign, especially for Star Wars which would probably be generic anyways. The majority of people are looking forward to the multiplayer so why not focus on just that.

My only concern for this game will be the obvious milking of DLC content. But that's every game nowadays.

rainslacker1068d ago

I couldn't speak too much on SW cannon, and yes, I know there are a lot of die hard fans who take it way too seriously, but I still think that it's hard to figure out what is cannon and what isn't, because I doubt even Lucas knows or cares. Even not being the biggest star wars fan, I had to cringe at the explanation of the force in the prequel trilogy, because it took away all the mysticism that the original trilogy had, and basically taking that slight fantasy element out of the original lore.

Anyhow, I don't know if the premise of the game was rushed, simply the implementation. DICE was given this game around the middle of last year when EA acquired the rights to make the game. Before that, I don't know if it was in production, but the deal with EA was between EA and Disney. LucasArts would have been making the game before that, but there was nothing to imply that they actually were.

That's why I feel that the game is being heavily rushed. It's very possible that a lot of the pre-production was done ahead of EA/DICE picking it up, which would be about 6 months of work, but even still that means that this AAA game will be out within 2 years of production time.

I'm not worried about DICE's ability to deliver a good game, simply that they weren't given enough time to actually create a complete proper game.

And of course the DLC milking is pretty much a given.

Tankbusta401071d ago

If it doesn't have a campaign it better get the hate that Titanfall did and not get a pass because it has star wars in the name

Kane221071d ago

trust me it wont. im being called all kinds things for not being excited for this game.

Allsystemgamer1071d ago

I guess battlefront 1 and 2 were terrible because they didn't have a campaign.

Well 2 did but t was a narrative on the maps

Seriously people. Go play the first 2 THEN maybe you could have something to say about this. It doesn't need a damn story. Battlefront has always been about playing the big battles from the movies. THATS IT.

KidKenobi1071d ago

At the start I was pissed but when I considered the Canon aspect I was glad that a story wont be in it. Yes Disney and EA could of hired a writer to write a story for Battlefront but that may not have paid off and in the early stages of this 'new canon', Disney are making sure all stories are great which is pretty evident when it comes to the already released novels and comics.

The Battle of Jakku DLC will do nicely as a story ha

mydyingparadiselost1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

At the same time, simply plastering a "THIS STORY IS NOT CANON" sentence during the title screen load would be more than adequate to let people know whatever is in the game isn't canon. I kinda think this is bad time to squash down alternate stories through certain media, there could be some great ideas thrown out there that Disney could use to their advantage.

rainslacker1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Has anyone ever considered any of the SW games as cannon outside the ones based on actual movies and clone wars? Nothing outside of that is really cannon, and it seems that people decide what they want to be cannon on their own and don't let even the creator of the series to decide that. Heck, the whole SW universe is pieced together from things written through the years, and it's been retconned about as much as a batman, superman, or spiderman comic book.

I know Disney is trying to bring more consistency into the cannon, which is good IMO as hopefully it will make it into something more of actual sci-fi instead of the action sci-fi genre that it falls into now.

I love SW as much as the next guy who isn't fanatical, but I can be realistic about what SW actually is.

This whole excusing the lack of SP so it won't interfere with cannon is a cop out, and if this were any other series people would be livid.

crazychris41241071d ago

How about a campaign that follows the events of the original trilogy but from the perspective of several soldiers from the Empire and Rebels? Its not adding anything new to the story line so Disney would probably be ok with it.

deadpoolio3161071d ago

OR just don't buy it....Did you play Battlefront 1 or 2...Battlefront DOES NOT HAVE A CAMPAIGN, or a story per say....Both games were nothing more than recreations of Star Wars battles from the films either done solo or co-op..

rainslacker1071d ago

Why spend money on something people are buy anyways? SP campaigns cost money and time to produce, and DICE didn't have a lot of time to make this game in time for the release of the movie.

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