The 10 Best Mac First Person Shooters

Mac Gamer HQ writes: "First-Person shooter games are so popular, they can even define a gaming platform single-handedly. Does this console support the latest Halo game? For many, a First-Person Shooter can make or break a platform (take Titanfall for example).

First-Person shooters (FPS) are poster boys and the Mac unfairly suffers in that department. Everyone just assumes that the Mac gaming platform is lacking because it doesn’t support the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield. But the Mac still has many great First-Person Shooters to offer, including some of the very best.

A few weeks ago I gave you the best MMORPGs for Mac. Today I give you the best FPS for Mac. As always, my ultimate “Mac FPS” list will include only the best games out there. No web-based fremium stuff here. Sorry!

You may think that First-Person Shooters are not for you, but believe me, they are all so different, one could be just perfect for you. In no particular order, these are the Mac’s best First-Person Shooters."

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