Star Wars Battlefront: The Next Big Leap in Graphics Technology?

The trailer for DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront finally premièred, both for Star Wars Celebration attendees and internet viewers.

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mad-dog1163d ago

Depends on the gameplay graphics.

MrSec841163d ago

It's Star Wars day on May the 4th, so maybe Dice or EA will have an event to show off some actual gameplay for the game.

Failing that I guess this would be EA's big title to focus on at E3 this year.

I can believe that what we saw was an in-engine, real time render from a decent rig PC, but consoles should be able to get pretty close to that if DICE optimizes the game enough.

Building this game with only current gen consoles and PC in mind will help.
When you bare in mind that BF4 was a cross gen release that had to have many negative effects on development up to current gen, Battlefront doesn't seem to have that problem.

aceitman1163d ago

the footage is from in game real time ps4 gameplay

freshslicepizza1163d ago

it will be on demo at e3 and we will see how good it actually looks with the hud and someone holding s controller actually playing it. then we will hear the cries of how it got downgraded because the early footage was being run on a high end computer.

Qrphe1163d ago

Yes, it's pretty obvious many WILL be disappointed once actual gameplay is shown near release.

SilentNegotiator1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Leave it to Gamingbolt to confuse "Game Engine Footage" with actual gameplay graphics in 2015.

starchild1163d ago

The gameplay graphics will be similar, only less cinematic and less refined.

All the major techniques in use in the trailer will be present in the gameplay as well.

This is the next evolution of the Frostbite engine with the shackles of last gen taken off. They're now using physically based rendering and photogrametry. I have no doubt that the final results will be stunning.

rainslacker1163d ago

Generally for cut-scene type footage in engine better textures and lighting effects are used. More often than not, environmental and character models are upgraded a bit depending on what the engine is capable of. They can do this due to the fact that these scenes have no additional game processing happen, so the only thing happening is the animations being processed and the GPU doing the rendering.

Game play won't be quite as good, but it's not so significant that people should worry. Looking at TLOU, UC, GeOW, or other high profile games that did this the difference is noticeable, but not significant enough to make it terrible.

mad-dog1162d ago

No it is not. At the end of the trailer it even says: not actual gameplay.

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LAWSON721163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

People are just trying to feed the hype train, I will hold any judgement until actual gameplay is shown let alone actually get hyped over it. The press is just about as full of crap as developers overselling their work

Crimzon1163d ago

It feels like the N4G comments section for a few articles have been overrun with EA shills. It's also bizarre seeing so many "articles" from gaming sites that read like PR blurbs and advertisements, all telling us how amazing this game looks while we all wonder when we'll actually see this mythical gameplay footage for ourselves.

Of course, preorders have gone live... How convenient.

jb2271163d ago

Yeah it looks amazing but no part of recent history suggests that the footage will be indicative of the final product in any way. DICE does have a penchant for delivering some amazing graphics so I guess it'll be a looker but I somehow doubt that this won't be downgraded. Honestly more than anything its a no go for me because of the lack of a single player component. I'd love to play the game & expansion of lore, but I don't do online mp so what was once highly anticipated has now completely dropped off of my radar. I'm beginning to wonder if there will be any worthwhile SP experiences out in time for the holidays or if I'll just have to replay Arkham Knight about a thousand times…I may be good with that though.

dcj05241163d ago

Or their just excited for the game. I know, crazy idea

annoyedgamer1163d ago

Same thing with Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I swear these folks get a nice fat goodie basket for praising EA.

TXIDarkAvenger1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Maybe not the big leap in graphics but there really shouldn't be any doubt that the actually game won't look good.

Smitty20201163d ago

Am not getting my hopes up on this game just yet its ea at the end of the day.

SpinalRemains1381163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

With all the awful multiplayer experiences that plague modern games, I'll settle for "see enemy, fire laser, enemy down".

If that works, we have a winner.

starchild1163d ago

Yeah, it's published by EA. And? That didn't stop games like Dead Space 3 or Battlefield 4 from looking amazing.

Smitty20201162d ago

They are more to games than visuals or u one of those who just want a crap game and Good graphics

rainslacker1163d ago

It's also a rushed product. When this game releases, it will have a production time of less than 2 years, which is highly uncommon for a AAA game nowadays....and by highly uncommon I mean not enough time to make a AAA game.

I was interested in the game until hearing it had no SP campaign(don't care for MP), and I can certainly understand why people are excited, but can't for the life of me figure out why people think this is going to be the most amazing game is EA after all.

kassler1163d ago

So, you're both a fortune teller and a developer?

rainslacker1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Nope. Just a realist. I want the game to be good. I enjoyed the first one, but never got around to the 2nd. I know what EA is like through a mountain of evidence, and I know that when a AAA game is under a tight deadline, no matter the developer, things don't always work properly. I also know that you can make anything look good in a trailer, in-engine or not.

People are understandably excited for this game. Given the game itself, and DICE developing it, it has all the makings of being awesome. But with a development cycle of less than 2 years, it makes me wonder why people ignore history of EA and current development in general and get their hopes up to the point where it is highly unlikely they'll be satisfied. One doesn't need to be a developer to recognize that.

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