Amnesia: Memories debut trailer, details

Idea Factory has released the first details, trailer, and screenshots for Amnesia: Memories following its western localization announcement last night.

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Vengeance11381044d ago

Damnit, thought this was related to the horror series... you can't just call yourself Amnesia and then have the game totally unrelated to the horror series, it's like people never think!

novurdim1043d ago

Erm, this Amnesia-series is older than that Amnesia, IIRC. Why the hell would they change the name now just because of some obscure horror game.

Vengeance11381042d ago

LOL if anything's obscure, its this weird game nobody has ever heard of. If the name Amnesia comes up in a convo, its the horror series that comes first to mind, without question.

novurdim1042d ago

This game is targeted at the vn and anime lovers and they surely know this Amnesia A LOT better than some horror. What's your problem even, it's not like the game is called Half-Life.

Vengeance11381042d ago

Amnesia = horror and theres nothing else to it. Gross, Half Life. . . they can have that name.

Vengeance11381041d ago

Regardless, whatever you say is completely wrong and im right , as per usual. This game will flop and some may even buy it thinking its related to the horror series so atleast it has that going for it