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Konami live press conference

Hopefully it'll be nothing like the Capcom one (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Hydrolex  +   2469d ago
LOL Xbots sitting here and waiting to hear
MGS4 Coming to Xbox 360s with 5 Discs in 2013.

Snakes mustach doesn't fit in the disc so we put pubic hair instead of mustach.
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Tmac  +   2469d ago
Maybe they'll get itagaki to make the pubic hair for the non-existent Xbox 360 version of MGS4.
Bill Gates  +   2469d ago
"Snakes mustache doesn't fit in the disc so we put pubic hair instead of a mustache."
TheColbertinator  +   2469d ago
ZOE3 anyone?
Angelitos  +   2469d ago
Poor Xbots, dont even dare to try to steal another exclusive with ur bribing
Megaton  +   2469d ago
Watching it live right now through G4.

It'd be nice to make it to TGS for the MGO world tournament, but I'm definitely not a top tier player. Eagerly awaiting their Silent Hill: Homecoming walkthrough, and hoping for word on MGS4 trophy support.
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decapitator  +   2469d ago
MGS4 Trophy announcement is all that am looking forward to right now.
Kaneda  +   2469d ago
MGS4 for 360?
Next two years.. when compression technology improves.. :)
Tmac  +   2469d ago
MGS4 coming to Xbox 360
Yeah they announced the release date for MGS4 on Xbox 360: NEVER

Oh shucks guess you'll just have to buy a ps3.
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Megaton  +   2469d ago
It's already over. Pretty lame conference outside of the Silent Hill stuff, nothing mentioned about MGS4 trophy support.
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Fox01  +   2469d ago
it doesn't matter if they don't release MGSIV on the 360; it's their own damn business if they don't like money.

Coz I'm pretty sure it would sell very well on the 360. It's a AAA title after all.
gaffyh  +   2469d ago
worst conference ever
Bonsai1214  +   2469d ago
no zoe3?
dro  +   2469d ago
can u post the link
Satanas  +   2469d ago
the link? G4 is a channel.
Ogrekiller  +   2469d ago
or u could try
justin tv
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Megaton  +   2469d ago

Their site is changed entirely for E3 coverage this week, so it shouldn't be hard to find. Look for it under the conferences tab. Should be the most prominent one, since it's going on right now.
butterfinger  +   2469d ago
that was pretty lame info on MGS4. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait for the expansion and I love that Konami is giving us tons of MGS, but I was hoping for info on trophies or a Sub version of MGS4. Oh well, it wouldn't be e3 08 without lame info from everyone.
dro  +   2469d ago
bubbles...."snakes mustach dosen't fit in the disc"...=(hahaha)..i lol alot because im also high -_-
dro  +   2469d ago
isit....i always tough g4 was something different, i hardly use my pc to watch live shows so i dont really know about this things... (>_<).. palm to face !!!
kazuma  +   2469d ago
plz plz plz zoe3!
The_Firestarter  +   2469d ago
Oh goodness, I hope they say something about MGS4 trophy support. *crosses fingers*
Bladestar  +   2469d ago
Damn what a waste of life... Konami aside from Metal Gear (which credit should go to Kojima) is probably the worst game developer right now... damn that sucks... I was hoping for a next gen contra announcement..

no ZOE! bahh!
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PirateThom  +   2469d ago
Like a lot of Japanese developers, wait for TGS.
Tmac  +   2469d ago
Yeah that's how we all feel about you, a waste of a life.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2469d ago

PS360WII  +   2469d ago
That's was some good stuff. MGO expansion, Elebits DS, Rock Revolution, Castlevania DS and Wii, Silent Hill. Nice presentation for the most part
BigKev45  +   2469d ago
The Capcom press conference sucked so bad. Lost Planet WTF!
niall77  +   2469d ago
and its over.
No news on mgs4 trophies

DoctorXpro  +   2469d ago
tiropitas  +   2469d ago
no suikoden 6?
ExcelKnight  +   2469d ago
I second this.
Masta_Killa  +   2469d ago
Started good
Ended VERY badly. They got some whack band to try and play Blitzkreig Bop then played it on Rock Revolution. They failed out of the song lol. Funny stuff. The worst part was still not mentioning Suikoden VI.
Baka-akaB  +   2469d ago
Suikoden VI is the kind of stuff you keep for a TGS i think ..... and that would be the problem for Konami , Capcom , Namco and even a bit Square .. they'd seek out surprise in TGS or their own events ... not so much E3 , unless it really caters western audiences , not just the usual occidental hardcore fans , who would watch TGS anyway .
Aclay  +   2469d ago
If MGS4 was ever going to come out on the 360, Konami would have announced it at E3. MGS4= PS3 Exclusive, thanks Kojima. MGS4 in it's current state isn't possible on the 360 anyways.
Death  +   2469d ago
Not if it is a timed exclusive
or if they are still in talks with Microsoft. I would imagine sales on the PS3 would be a pretty big factor too. Konami needs to sell quite a few copies to turn a profit. Sony was helping with game sales by buying them direct and including them as pack-ins, but now that they announced the new SKU it can't be helping matters. I'm a little suspicious that Sony did this so soon. It could be an early indication that Konami is considering some type of MGS game on the 360. Time will tell.

sultanroma  +   2469d ago
no mgs4 on Xbox360
Playstation Man  +   2469d ago

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