Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Looking Identical To Trailer; ADS Is In

Star Wars Battlefront gameplay reportedly looks as good as the in-engine trailer. Also, ADS (aiming down sights) is in the game in FPS mode.

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d_g918d ago

even after i know there is no story mod

i still excited

3-4-5918d ago

Yea but we get to play Star Wars !!!!

u got owned918d ago

I will remain skeptical until I see gameplay running on consoles.

Alexious918d ago

Maybe they'll create a story mode DLC if the community really asks for it.

strauser360917d ago

There's a "challenge" mode to take the place of single player campaign. I didn't expect any single player content so its a bonus imo.

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Letthewookiewin918d ago

Already pre ordered on PSN. Timer says 213 days to go!

avengers1978917d ago

I pre ordered mine today also... Looks pretty epic

Petrus91918d ago

OMG Can't wait for this!

Imp0ssibl3918d ago

Maybe on a PC rendering at 4K. Certainly not on consoles...

Alexious918d ago

Think it will be quite close on PC at maxed settings, not necessarily at 4K though.

I hope they'll support DX12 for a nice performance boost!

Moldiver918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

"Maybe on a PC rendering at 4K. Certainly not on consoles..."

I find myself somewhat agreeing. Take a look at some of these stills captured by the guys on GAF.

^^Just going by the level of post effects and clarity...the density of the foilage...running at 60FPS, thats unlike anything on current consoles. I expect what I saw in the vid on PC, not consoles. I dont believe the frostbite engine which already struggles on consoles suddenly looks vastly better and can do so while maintaining 60FPS. Im calling bullshit, on that from now. We will get downgrade articles but in truth its simply a case of DICE overselling the promised technical performance of the console versions. I expect 900P @60FPS on PS4 and assuming DX12 improves frostbite on Xbox, as DICE suggested in a tweet just last week, maybe the x1 version will get 900P to, but 60FPS will be prioritised so who knows.

Beware of hype ya'll.

krypt1983917d ago

@Moldiver battlefront is current gen only though so last gen won't hold the game back, when you look at current gen only games they look significantly better then multi generation games and frostbite is a dam good engine ...

NeverHeavyMan918d ago

Considering that was, likely, PS4 footage, I wouldn't be so sure.

However, what it implies - if that was PS4 footage, I can only imagine what the PC version looks like!

PlayableGamez918d ago

What makes you think that was PS4 footage?

NeverHeavyMan918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

@ PlayableGamez: Well, unless Sony was promoting PC footage in a trailer that had PlayStation plastered all over it, what would you call it?

TheHaloGuy917d ago

Ok. Its a COMMON practice to have PC pre rendered vids display console logo. Xbox also has this trailer on their channel. They do this to show that its coming to their system.

NeverHeavyMan917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

Always entertainment when some walk in with their own "fact(s)" and then don't provide anything to support it.

PistolsAtDawn917d ago

Well this early on it wouldn't be a shock for it to be PC footage...not saying it is or isn't, just that it could be. That being said I'm sure it will look and run great on all systems. Being that it's an online game I will definitely be grabbing it on X1.... I HOPE that since its coming out in November it takes some advantage of DX12. It won't be built ground up for DX12, but imagine if for a game like this we had ray-tracing lighting...esp in the forest of Endor, or on Hoth with the light bouncing off the'd be SOOOOO sweet.

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CorndogBurglar918d ago

Funny you say that considering there are many reports that the gameplay demo that was shown to these people is from a PS4.

starchild918d ago

It won't look as good on consoles, but that goes without saying. Just imagine basically the same thing, but with more jaggies, not as smooth of a framerate and not as polished overall.

TheHaloGuy917d ago

People need to stop disagreeing with facts. This will look soo much better on my PC than my X1. Just a fact. Stop trying to compare PC/ Consoles. 2 diff plats, with different draws and drawbacks.

kingduqc917d ago

I don't see why so many people disagree with you. Let's be real it's not looking like that on a console, specially since it's running 60 fps.

Guess it's still news4consolegamer here

I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989917d ago

You can tell the gamers who own both a extreme gaming pc and a ps4 from the ones that just own a console. After I played bf 4 maxed on pc I refused to play on my ps4 ( just couldn't do it so many missing textures ) I love my my ps4 for the exclusives but by no means will battle front come close to the latest vid on ps4 lol that's clearly pc footage. The day I built my pc was the day I realized ps4 couldn't even be compareble to multiplats on pc and its rediculously sad to try suggesting otherwise. Especially with ea who don't mess around on PC versions. That being said I would love to be proven wrong because I'm a controller gamer and playing against keyboard and mouse users with a controller is a disaster.

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vlashyr918d ago

I hate ADS, think I will stick to third person.

Pandamobile918d ago

I hate toasters, think I will stick to bananas.

dcj0524918d ago

Don't press the ADS button?

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