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Submitted by Dir_en_grey 2762d ago | news

Tecmo President: New Team NINJA Targeting The West

Yasuda, the president of Tecmo, announced to Bloomberg Japan today that Team NINJA with it's new leader has been appointed to work on a big budget title game with a new genre, and is expected to be completed next year.

With the absence of Itagaki, the team has taken on a new motto for game development, "New Title, New Genre, New Location, New Leader".

Team NINJA's new game will not follow Tecmo's past game genres like Fighting, Action, or Horror Adventure; instead they will focus on a brand new genre and focus on targeting the western audience, though details can not be disclosed at this time...

A more detailed interview can be viewed by clicking on the Story Link, translated via Google Translate.

The Credits Link is to the original Bloomberg article in Japanese. (Industry, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Update Since the names were not correctly translated by Google Translate, the new leaders (there are two of them) of Team NINJA are Jin Hasegawa (Project Manager/CG Team Leader in various Fatal Frame projects) and Yousuke Hayashi (Director for Ninja Gaiden Sigma).

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Angelitos  +   2763d ago
Great, more games limited to the hardware and disc space of the fixme dvd player. Thanks Poor Xbots
Bnet343  +   2762d ago
lol dude your not offending anyone, just making people laugh
ash_divine  +   2763d ago
well... there goes a decent team.

R.I.P Old Team ninja
SaiyanFury  +   2762d ago
I wouldn't necessarily say that. True the new team might not have the same magic, but Yousuke Hayashi knows what he's doing. He was the director of Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3 and is very open to developing on platforms outside the 360. In his own words regarding the early days of the PS3, "it doesn't matter how small of an install base there is. There is STILL an install base." I respect this guy and give him the single credit for bringing Ninja Gaiden to another console and delivering so well. Maybe people disagree with me, but Ninja Gaiden Sigma remains one of my all time fave PS3 games.
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munish23  +   2763d ago
I'm just wondering what Itagaki must be up to.
jlemdon  +   2762d ago
no more rygar,DOA or NG.:(
Asurastrike  +   2762d ago
Dead or Alive first person shooter?
Mc Fadge  +   2762d ago
That'd be horrible
When you run, your vision would be taken up by bouncing breasts
Bolts  +   2762d ago
Whats so horrible about that?
matchgrade  +   2762d ago
Haven't they always been targeting the West with their gratuitous gore (Ninja Gaiden) and bouncy breasts (DOA)?
juuken  +   2762d ago
Well, no Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden.
Fun while it lasted. ;_;
N4g_null  +   2762d ago
It better not be a damn FPS!
I hope it is a acrade like game for consoles! I wonder if they are going to change the name or will we get some thing fighting related? I wonder who the new leader is?
Dir_en_grey  +   2762d ago
The new leaders...
(there are two of them) of Team NINJA are Jin Hasegawa (Project Manager/CG Team Leader in various Fatal Frame projects) and Yousuke Hayashi (Director for Ninja Gaiden Sigma).
project76dodo  +   2762d ago
3rd person adventure/action game?

idk... im kinda intrested
avacadosnorkel  +   2762d ago
exclusive to 360
Sony won't give any money to 3rd parties
DJ  +   2762d ago
It'll be interesting to see what the new team puts out.
If it's a good game, I'll laugh so hard at Itagaki (though he did fight for workers' rights; that actually was admirable).
KillaManiac  +   2762d ago
Lol here comes ANOTHER FPS!

Western market...of course we know its a FPS!
Bnet343  +   2762d ago
Horny  +   2762d ago
A FPS, You shoot semen at girls with giant tits before they suffocate you.
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LeShin  +   2762d ago
dragunrising  +   2762d ago
funny concept
Bad images in head and AO rating.
Pain  +   2762d ago
Therr going to Make DoA more Skankyer?
Alexander Roy  +   2762d ago
RIP Kasumi, Hitomi and all the other bouncy breasts... you will be missed.
Yi-Long  +   2762d ago
We like these games for what they already are...
... every time a foreign company SAYS they now want to 'target a western audience', they basically neglect the fact that that western audience already digs their old products.

Think Jackie Chan, who decided to only start making crappy movies 'cause apparently thats what the western viewers wanna see...'

Team Ninja should just keep making games in the style that suits THEM, make a great quality product, and now divide the gaming community between 'east' and 'west', but just make a top-quality game on it's own merits, and if they manage that, the game will sell, no matter what region.

.... although I doubt Team Ninja is still Team Ninja without Igataki...

Ow... and no more volleyball games please. I'm sure they sell well to horney 'western' schoolkids who just discovered the exciting joys of masturbation, but still...
Silogon  +   2762d ago
It's going to be a FPS, wait and see. How typical and how bland.
TheColbertinator  +   2762d ago
Your right silogon.Another shooter *sighs*
LeShin  +   2762d ago
New genre? Targeting the West?

lol as most people here have said: Welcome ANOTHER bloody FPS!

....because there isn't many of these games out there already are there?.....
Strife Lives  +   2762d ago
CUZ UR NOT GIVING ME DOA 5 ! ! ! ! im really not happy about this.I hope Tecmo gets OWNED and some other company takes the DOA franchise over.I always look at Tekken ,Virtua Fighter and DOA as rivals. And they drive each other to be better. tekken with combo based fighting.VF with technical fighting and DOA for pure speed. This sucks!
midgard229  +   2762d ago
midgard229  +   2762d ago
if these guys arent givin me doa5, and code dhronus and are just gonna make fps's and western games screw them, i have enough western games this gen, i live in the freakin west, i want some good japanesestuff, goodness. sorry guys the bouncy breast was cool lol, if u turned bouncing down it wasnt so fake lol, but u all know ya cranked age to 99 to see super jiggle lol.

to me doa and doul calibur are only games wth likable characters, i hate the characters in tekken they look like they were based of of celebrities. j-lo, cameron diaz, bruce lee, bleeeeeh
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