Tecmo President: New Team NINJA Targeting The West

Yasuda, the president of Tecmo, announced to Bloomberg Japan today that Team NINJA with it's new leader has been appointed to work on a big budget title game with a new genre, and is expected to be completed next year.

With the absence of Itagaki, the team has taken on a new motto for game development, "New Title, New Genre, New Location, New Leader".

Team NINJA's new game will not follow Tecmo's past game genres like Fighting, Action, or Horror Adventure; instead they will focus on a brand new genre and focus on targeting the western audience, though details can not be disclosed at this time...

A more detailed interview can be viewed by clicking on the Story Link, translated via Google Translate.

The Credits Link is to the original Bloomberg article in Japanese.


Since the names were not correctly translated by Google Translate, the new leaders (there are two of them) of Team NINJA are Jin Hasegawa (Project Manager/CG Team Leader in various Fatal Frame projects) and Yousuke Hayashi (Director for Ninja Gaiden Sigma).

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Angelitos3532d ago

Great, more games limited to the hardware and disc space of the fixme dvd player. Thanks Poor Xbots

Bnet3433532d ago

lol dude your not offending anyone, just making people laugh

ash_divine3532d ago

well... there goes a decent team.

R.I.P Old Team ninja

SaiyanFury3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I wouldn't necessarily say that. True the new team might not have the same magic, but Yousuke Hayashi knows what he's doing. He was the director of Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3 and is very open to developing on platforms outside the 360. In his own words regarding the early days of the PS3, "it doesn't matter how small of an install base there is. There is STILL an install base." I respect this guy and give him the single credit for bringing Ninja Gaiden to another console and delivering so well. Maybe people disagree with me, but Ninja Gaiden Sigma remains one of my all time fave PS3 games.

m233532d ago

I'm just wondering what Itagaki must be up to.

jlemdon3532d ago

no more rygar,DOA or NG.:(

Asurastrike3532d ago

Dead or Alive first person shooter?

Mc Fadge3532d ago

When you run, your vision would be taken up by bouncing breasts

Bolts3532d ago

Whats so horrible about that?

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