Mortal Kombat X Review | The Game Scouts

Palmer Sturman: Ed Boon and his team over at NetherRealm Studios sure know how to create some of the most violent, visceral fighting games imaginable, but their titles haven’t seen much love from a competitive scene. Ed’s been pushing for his flagship series, Mortal Kombat, to be taken more seriously by the fighting community, and not just reveled for its over the top gore. With revamped game mechanics and a fine attention to detail, NetherRealm has pumped out Mortal Kombat X. Its overhauled, reworked system borrows a lot from the foundations that Injustice and MK9 laid out. The same basic mechanics – the x-rays, the stage interactions – are there, but they feel much more balanced and smooth, the combo system is fluid, and the new characters are a welcome breath of fresh air.

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