Check Out The Ultra-Limited Edition Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 "Bundle" from Star Wars Celebration

During the Star Wars: Battlefront Panel EA DICE delivered three ultra-limited edition Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 bundles to three fans, while two more will be given later on Twitter.

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SpaceRanger1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

I want this right now! But sadly there's only 5 in existence according to what they mentioned. :/

I would be a day one purchase for me if they did have one though! I'd probably give my current PS4 to my younger brother so that he can enjoy playing with me online as well.

Ripsta7th1043d ago

Im thinking of buying my younger brother a ps4 also, seems like ill enjoy it

bouzebbal1043d ago

this marketing deal is huge..
very surprising!

rajman1043d ago

So basically it was a limited edition box?

Neonridr1043d ago

yep, the console was a standard black. Shame. Would have looked if the console was a grey colour with a charcoal colored empire logo across the surface or something..

TXIDarkAvenger1043d ago

I was expecting it to be a limited edition PS4. Hopefully there will be one.

coolbeans1043d ago

Would've lost my cool for a moment if they went with a LE console+controller like the Star Wars Kinect 360 bundle.

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The story is too old to be commented.