Star Wars Battlefront will have playable women Stormtroopers

"During our first look at the new Star Wars Battlefront, we saw something we haven't seen in developer DICE's Battlefield games: women soldiers in the game's multiplayer. On the Rebel side, there was some gender diversity, which isn't exactly new — Princess Leia fought with the Rebels on the forest moon of Endor in Return of the Jedi, and previous Battlefront games have featured women among the Rebel ranks."

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ninsigma917d ago

Uummmm does anyone else see the problem here??
The problem being that storm troopers are clones based on a male...

Dhampir917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

12 years before Episode 4, a group of rogue clones was made to fight the empire. After the battle the Emperor decided to use birthed recruits and clones of others beside Jango Fett.

Around 1 in 3000 stormtroopers were female though.

Mr Pumblechook916d ago (Edited 916d ago )

I've got no problem with Stormtroopers being women. I will likely play most as a Rebel and whether they are male or female I will want to kill them an equal amount.

What is a problem is this article by Polygon. Too often they write pieces that promote their political views above the gaming news. It's like they don't understand what is the most important part of story and it's obvious from their words that some of their writers don't love gaming like most gamers. Only a couple of weeks ago their writer Ben Kuchura wrote how he had fallen out of love with gaming.

Now we have Michael McWhertor trying to preach what is the right and wrong opinion to have, yet only last week he was guilty of using an early review of Lego Dimensions to buy up the domain name for his own cyber squatting purposes. When he was found out he transferred it to Lego. But it underlines that Polygon 's writers are in the wrong business and their website is a blight on honest gaming.

King-u-mad916d ago

Episode 7 features the 1st female storm trooper. the books are not cannon so any other information is kind of redundant until confirmed by the movie itself since they are canon.

Dhampir916d ago

Yeah, only the current version of movies are canon. Oh how great that is too...

TheCommentator917d ago

Originally, yes, but they were replaced over time with regular people as the clone program came to an end.

ninsigma917d ago

Fair enough, clearly I only watched the movies and never delved into the lore outside of it. If that's the case then ignore my previous comment! If it makes sense in the lore it's all good lol

LackTrue4K917d ago

"Storm Trooppers in the kitchen conformed"

OrangePowerz917d ago

Only the ones in the prequel episodes are clones, during the time of the original episodes they moves to recruiting non clones.

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TheRedButterfly917d ago

Hell yeah! Cannot wait! I almost always play female when given the option, so this will be a welcome addition! :) Yay for gender neutrality!

Rhezin917d ago

of course it will, it is 2015 after all.

WizzroSupreme917d ago

How are we supposed to tell, anyway?

NiteX917d ago

Shorter, thinner, pointer chest.

KwietStorm917d ago

Never had 'the talk' huh? You're not alone.

SpinalRemains138917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

How do they put female DNA onto a male clone, and for what purpose?

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