Battlefront gives Sony edge over Xbox this holiday

GGG writes that Sony having the marketing campaign for Battlefront, combined with Force Awakens hype, may push the PS4 to top the Xbox in US hardware sales this holiday unlike in 2014.

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playstation4epic1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Yh before I felt Microsoft would take the Holiday season with their aggressive pricing like last year but with this Sony definitely wins like they did with Destiny

Abash1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

November should be really interesting. PlayStation with Star Wars: Battlefront vs. Xbox with Call of Duty.

d_g1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Battlefront coming to xbox one too

i don’t see how multi platform game can give Sony edge over Xbox this holiday when Microsoft have a whole exclusive game in holiday like tomb raider.

to all who disagree with me

it’s just the facts

and If you compare the markting games MS have COD balck ops 2 and the The Division

but that does not make MS win

xHeavYx1131d ago

I don't think Sony is too worried about 1 month though, especially when they dominate the other 11 months.

darthv721131d ago

It's marketing 101. you promote something (that is multi) like it's your one and only and people wont know the difference because there is no other marketing for it.

smashman981131d ago

Its actually true, annoyingly so. I remember during the ps3 360 early days my step father and all his friends saying that ps3 had none of the games he played on his 360 and he truly believed that. Even when I showed him links to the games for ps3 online he thought it was all photoshopped cover art. (i'm not vouching for my step father's intelligence) It goes to show however that a strong marketing campaign really can make people believe the dumbest things.

tinynuggins1131d ago

@ xHeavYx

Sony very much cares about the holiday months, make no mistake about it. They are the biggest months of the year for sales by far but I understand your point, the PS4 is leading the other 10 months of the year. I bet if you asked Sony if there was one month they would like a guaranteed win on it's November.

chrismichaels041131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

@tinynuggins - The difference is that the PS4 also has very good sales numbers worldwide during the holidays even if the Xone slightly beats it for one or two months in the US.

When you add to that the fact that the PS4 already outsells the Xone the other 10 - 11 months of the year, its not going to make or break the PS4 based on what happens in November.

u got owned1131d ago

The game is also coming to XBOX, plus they got Halo 5 and Tom Raider and F6. Im pretty sure XBO will be fine.

OB1Biker1131d ago

I think Ms got COD and the Division marketing so it's kinda balanced
Possibly a unannounced exclusive for PS4 would be nice

marlinfan101131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

If someone's looking to get a console during the holidays this year and looks at each consoles respective lineups, how could you possibly give the edge to playstation? Theyll see xbox has forza, halo, and tomb raider along with all the multiplats while ps4 just has the multiplats. (Of course this could all change at e3 but I'm going off what we know now) I really don't see how anyone could give the edge to sony based off of marketing rights of a multiplat game.

Kal0psia1131d ago


I'm kind of confused whether this is just pure specualtion or not. Where is the source that states Sony has marketing rights? Highly doubt Microsoft will sit idly by with such a huge franchise during the holidays along with the premiering of Star Wars: The Force Awaken.

Also, is it me or is no one on edge on the fact that Battlefront is only or mostly a multiplayer game? Geez, I was expecting a single player. Can't wait to see hohw this turns out with it's only online features and whether XOne will see some "benefits"? hmmm...

nicksetzer11131d ago

I find the reasoning behind this article completely laughable.

1. It is multiplat
2. Sony fans still whine to this day about titanfall being Multiplayer only, so what has changed?

jrshankill1130d ago

Pathetic that you morons still argue about stuff like this.

XisThatKid1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Multiplatform games help any one side by selling more units on that side bottom line there are (that I know personally) people that bought a PS4 just because most people have PS4 or most of their friends have PS4 so Thats what they bought last holiday and CoDAW I believe sold more on PS4 than X1 in 1v1. My point is that there is more PS4s than X1s in the world and even with the ads for CoD it still sold more on PS4 this holiday I see your point but multiplats can indef give a side an advantage SWBF will be a big help for Sony this holiday though even with CoD ads for X1 I personally don't think THAT's enough to take away the PS4. We'll see what happens my bet is that Sony will dominate this holiday season over X1 to be honest even with the ads for multiplats on X1.
The Division COULD be that difference if they did get ad rights, that I give you.
CoD and Tomb Raider ads and temp exclusivity? Not going to give X1 The win alone. Not saying that X1 is bad or sucks or Tomb Raider is bad or anything I just think the PS4 momentum and pre-exsisting sales will give it the win. E3 can make the difference too. So I may eat these words in 3 months:)

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lelo2play1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

"Battlefront gives Sony edge over Xbox this holiday"

Probably not. Battlefront is multiplatform... and can be played first on X1's EA Access.
Microsoft has Halo and Tomb Raider (timed exclusive) for this holiday, and likely some deal with Call of Duty.

Erik73571131d ago

Yea but the average consumer does not know that! ITs free advertisement for this ps4....just like call of duty advertised on xbox 360 last helps a lot more than you think.

SoapShoes1131d ago

Destiny helped PS4 despite being multiplatform. So did WatchDogs. Plus a whole slew of games being released throughout the year means you still have more and in some cases cheaper options.

Still though, I'll wait till E3/Gamescom before assessing what will be happening at the end of the year.

u got owned1131d ago


MS will find the way to advertise it like they did with Destiny. You can be sure of that.

aceitman1131d ago

It worked out fine for destiny ps4 sold 500,000 ps4s that week

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joab7771131d ago

It does. It will sell some PS4 for sure b/c the hype is gonna be out of this world. It's about the only thing bigger than Halo.

If we also get an Uncharted Remaster trilogy, it may be enough for Sony...all without releasing any of their own exclusives. Crazy smart.

bleedsoe9mm1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

@funkybudda i tend to play EA games on my xb1 because EA access saves me 10% and i can play early . EA says its doing well so i'm probably not alone .

EDIT : whoops wrong spot sorry

bleedsoe9mm1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

does it ? i'm going to be playing early on my xb1 even if its slighly better looking on my ps4 . maybe thats just me .

mkis0071131d ago

Who's to say by that time Sony wont have announced EA Access for ps4?

Thatguy-3101131d ago

It will be battlefront vs COD vs Halo let's see which one cannibalizes which

Magicite1131d ago

So PS4 will have marketing rights/bundles for Batman/MGS5/Battlefront?
Thats huge!

Dlacy13g1131d ago

@Relientk77 it definitely seems like a great call for Sony. The only thing that derails this is if this game turns into another BF4 debacle.

BallsEye1131d ago

All those articles are written like Star Wars is some exclusive for ps4 while it comes to pc and xbox one as well and even BETA will be first on XO and release (ea access). Hell, even trailer was footage from pc (read line at the end of the trailer). Don't really get what's the fuzz about.

NerdStalker1131d ago

No doubt you feel the lead platform is ps4 so your hatred for the game is growing even though they haven't said that ballseye.

Azzanation1131d ago

I don't think it matters, both consoles are going to sell well this holiday, and unlike fanboys, MS and Sony don't really care if they outsell each other, as long as they both reach there targets everyone's happy.

NuggetsOfGod1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

I hate consoles.

All this exclusive content early pre order bonus crap come from them.

Pay for multiplayer at 30fps.

One evil world we live in.

Now finish arguing which commie box is better.

If Battlefront is great can't wait to play for years to come! People still play bad company 2!

People actually care that a multi plat game is marketed on one of the 900p boxes more than the other?

PlayStation crowd is nothing more than 360 fanboys converted this gen.

Marketing firm whores = console crowd.

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SpaceRanger1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

I agree.

I've been saying it for a good while already, but the game alone I believe will outpace a lot, if not all, of the released games during the holiday season. It would be no surprise if this marketing deal drives Sony along with it.

It's a marketing campaign that will be very similar to the way MS uses it for Call of Duty during the holiday season. But this time, Sony has a bigger contender with Battlefront. Why is it bigger? It's bigger because the movie itself is already picking up steam with both old and new fans alike.

joab7771131d ago

I gotta hand ot to Disney. They know what the hell they are doing. Sony and MS should take note. This ur alone, they will release Avengers 2 and the new Star Wars. And ES will ride the coat tails.

Now, of someone was smart, they would have made an amazing avengers game.

Bowzabub1131d ago

I'd say if there is one shooter that can smash Halo it is Battlefront. Time will tell.

SpaceRanger1131d ago

Halo is a beast when it comes to its fanbase. But I'd have to agree with you @Bowzabub, and say that Battlefront and it's fanbase is just as big if not bigger! It could indeed dethrone Halo this holiday season.

You're right, only time will tell how this holiday season plays out.

People will say "No way, because I can buy both if I want to". Which is true, but the large majority of holiday owners don't have the luxury of dishing out money for several games after buying a new console. So it all comes down to preference in the end. All I know is that my wallet is already in pain and we're barely 4 months into this year.

GCO Gamer1131d ago

Well, yeah... Halo doesn't have the appeal that Star Wars has.

mrbojingles1131d ago

They are a month apart. Back in 2005/2006 I'd say no way BF could stand up to Halo but with MCC souring some on franchise, the changes to H4 through H5 and BF having Force Awakens hype with it and DICE, I think BF could do better than Halo 5 this holiday or fall just short but ultimately have longer legs. I could see BF doing 10-15M long run after 2-4 years but Halo 5? I'd say 6-8M tops and that's if XB1 stars selling MUCH better at some point.

Neonridr1131d ago

so you're taking a multiplat games total sales vs an exclusive game? Seems fair.. :P

mrbojingles1131d ago

I should have said, I mean that I think BF on PS4 could outsell Halo 5 on XB1 lifetime. 10-15M BF total both systems and 6-8M on PS4 alone.

Neonridr1131d ago

@mrbojingles, sorry reading your comment above you made it sound like you believed BF would sell 10-15 but Halo 5 only 6-8. If Halo 5 sold 6-8 million that would be quite a number for an exclusive title.

Halo2ODST21131d ago

Halo 3 sold 11m copies, reach sold 9m, but iget what you're saying, with 343 at the helm 6m will be lucky.

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Bowzabub1131d ago

@Neonridr.. Like dude above me said, I mean on PS4 alone.

TheRedButterfly1131d ago

When you're arguing that a mutliplatform game that's a a decade past due /might/ be able to surpass the sales of an Xbox Exclusive, you know it's a damn fine exclusive.

Can't wait for October/November/December. Halo + Star Wars + Star Wars = Win Win Win.

Halo2ODST21131d ago

Who knows if Halo 5 will actually be playable...

jagermaster6191131d ago

Who knows if star wars will be playable lol look at there track record smh

Azzanation1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Battlefronts best game sold 3.6 million, Halos best selling game is over 11 million, there least favourite Halo game (Halo 4) sold 9+ million. The fact that X1 has both these games does not really matter, what does matter is Halo is a bigger gaming franchise then SW Battlefront.

Halo 5 would most likely outsell Battlefronts total sales on all formats let alone just the PS4s version. Sorry but History shows both these games aren't in the same league as each other.

LexHazard791131d ago

Haha, your pitting a game only available on XB1 against Battlefront a multiplatform game? Seriously lol, I bet even if Halo 5 doesnt outsell it. The numbers will be more impressive for Halo because its one platform, Halo 5 will probably sell more than 500,000 first Day .

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Neonridr1131d ago

Doesn't Xbox have Tomb Raider this holiday over Sony though? And Halo 5?

NeoGamer2321131d ago

8.5 million sales of the last Tomb Raider would tend to disagree with you.

funkybudda1131d ago


8.5 million sold all on Xbox platform!? OH WAIT...

SoapShoes1131d ago

Most of those sells were on PS3/4 and PC though... People will be waiting since they know it's timed.

matt1391131d ago

Tomb raider and halo and battlefront. Now UC4 has been delayed there is literally no reason to pick up a ps4 over x1 this holiday.

tuglu_pati1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )


"Most of those sells were on PS3/4 and PC though... People will be waiting since they know it's timed."

So people will be waiting since they know its timed but then you are defending the though of BF giving PS4 an edge when the game its multi platform from day one. That is a big double standard right there.

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mrbojingles1131d ago

I wouldn't rank TR as high as BF. I really don't think TR will do much since its not really exclusive. Everyone in the know, who are the people most interested in TR,will wait on a PS4 version in mid-late 2016.

MS will probably have a Rare revival to help this holiday, depending on what it is (Banjo or PD or Conker) but Sony could have some good stuff too. They wouldn't announce UC4 delay in early March unless they hadsomething REAL good to fill the gap. I'd like to think new Guerilla game, Media Molecule project and maybe an Ico game of some sort.

But we'll know more at E3 if Sony has exclusives they aren't announcing yet or if they'll rely on multiplats

Eldyraen1131d ago

They definitely need something for this Holiday as until E3 when we find out what's coming it's basically an exclusive wasteland after the U4 delay. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone brings to E3 and there are several solid multiplatform games but Sony has to have something up their sleeve like you said.

Neonridr1131d ago

since it's not really exclusive? It's a holiday exclusive meaning if you want to play it over the holidays, you have to have an Xbox One.

Battlefront doesn't force you to have a PS4, as it will still be there for Xbox. Not to mention it may drop earlier with EA Access on Xbox One.

Just because Sony has marketing rights doesn't mean everything. While Destiny definitely sold better on PS4 it doesn't mean it didn't sell well on Xbox One.

Ultimately I was merely bringing up that MS has those two games exclusive to their console over the holidays. Sony does not have Battlefront exclusive to the PS4 so I don't know why we are even bringing it up.

mkis0071131d ago

Everyone is also forgetting the possibility of an exclusive star wars ps4...Which will likely happen. That alone would separate the sales.

AngelicIceDiamond1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Wonder how big the marketing campaign for PS4 will be. Also be interesting EA access finally gets announced for PS4 at E3 as well.

All that campaigning is great but it really doesn't mean much if X1 players play the game nearly a week early.

playstation4epic1131d ago

Not really. The bundle alone will sell consoles like with Destiny

NeverHeavyMan1131d ago

Beyond that, a week is not really long enough to keep PS4 players from buying that version. If there's a Star Wars themed PS4 bundle (or different color for the system), either is likely, this conversation will further prove its irrelevance.

SpaceRanger1131d ago

MS may be able to find a loophole to campaign that extra week by marketing EA access. But based on most marketing deals with developers, I'd assume that doing that would be the only way MS gets that info out.

And does the trial only allow for several hours of gameplay during that week before? Correct me if I'm wrong.

AngelicIceDiamond1131d ago

That wouldn't be up to MS that would be up to EA. EA will promote EA access and Star Wars heavily on their own which would inevitably be promoting X1 as well.

LexHazard791131d ago

It would be sweet if they did a PS4 Vader vs Xbox One Yoda Editions. Lol, Xbox 360 Star Wars Edition will still be the best Star Wars themed console no matter what PS4 does. Its my favorite special edition console ever.

OpieWinston1131d ago

If Sony doesn't suck up their pride and announce EA Access at E3(Probably announced at EA conference) then they're in for a rude awakening. First to play Battlefront will attract more attention especially on a shooter console (Destiny did outpace PS4 on X1 despite the marketing/DLC on PS4).

Thatguy-3101131d ago

Xbox one version of destiny outpaced ps4's?? What??? If I'm not mistaken Playstation doubled xbox ones sales of destiny. You see developers don't just pay attention to the sales of one region. The reason developers and publishers are partnering up with Sony is because they're dominating WORLDWIDE. Not just one region but all of them.

OpieWinston1131d ago Show
MasterCornholio1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )


Destiny still sold more on the PS4 if you include the rest of the world.

Destiny sold nearly double on the PS4 than the XB1

"First to play Battlefront will attract more attention especially on a shooter console"

You mean the first system to receive the beta

DigitalRaptor1131d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Microsoft's big spending on early DLC releases didn't slow the pace of the faster selling PS3 last-gen. The attention that a week's early access will gain will be strong, but Microsoft will still not be able to advertise the game official advertising channels, whilst Sony has exclusive marketing rights that extends to television and billboards (possibly even a month after its release during Star Wars: The Force Awakens screenings), and exclusive bundles and those will last for months. They will have early pre-order bundles going and ultimately selling through allocated stock before they order in some more.

Additionally, PS4 has more shooter games than XB1, and PS3 had more shooter games than X360. Calling it a "shooter console" as some kind of comparison is a bit naive, but I kinda see your point given the general overarching perception. However, what I don't see is how you have concluded that Destiny sold more on XB1 than PS4. Care to post where you heard that?? I think that's rubbish, and judging by your disagrees, it probably is.

Your "Trolling" comment really exposed that you had no proof of your claim about it selling more on XB1. You have nothing to go off. We all know VGChartz isn't the most reliable, but it's not insanely far off the true numbers either.

PS4 (4.67m):
XB1 (2.56m):

Almost double the sales worldwide. Please don't call other people "in denial" when you're unwilling to prove why, especially when you have 3 additional bubbles in which to do so.

Edit: AGAIN... why so many disagrees? Nothing but facts and logic here, folks.