No trophies and achievements planned for Metal Gear Online, and some more info from the developers

As usual, the developers of the new Metal Gear Online at Konami Los Angeles Studio have been answering questions via Twitter, providing small bits of new information. Here's the info collected over the past three weeks, on achievements and trophies, auto aim and support.

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MrSwankSinatra1163d ago

Thank god, I hate online only trophies.

Nyxus1163d ago

Yeah, it's probably the best decision. Also for the people who want to get every trophy but don't play online.

Stiffler1163d ago

Agreed. In my experience, very rarely do games have well matched online trophies achievements. It's usually a big miss when devs add them imo.

Great to hear!

Dirtnapstor1162d ago

I like online trophies, as long as there's not a truck load and not grinding so that obtaining the plat is still realistic.

nunley331161d ago

The MGO DLC will likely have trophies so that's something.

NecotheSergal1162d ago

Same. I played and Platinum'd Uncharted 1 and 2 even without 100% due to the fact that Online trophies halted my progress.

Worst contender of online trophies I'd say (Although it's only got Online multiplayer) is Warhawk, I mean, getting all those trophies is RIDICULOUSLY impossible. I'd rather trophies 90-95% of the time to be Single player only.

nunley331161d ago

you mean Uncharted 2&3 since Uncharted 1 had no online. Uncharted did online trophies right and they were easy to get. you just try it once and you get it, no grinding required. Just play one online match and you get platinum? i'd do that if you really wanted it. I have Uncharted 2&3 platinums but not Uncharted 1 stangely, I need to finish that.

NecotheSergal1161d ago

@nunley - Nah, I have 73% completion and the Platinum in Uncharted 2. xD Just as I have 82% and a Platinum in Dante's Inferno

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Nyxus1163d ago

It's also good to see the developers listening to feedback while still going with their own vision.

Nyxus1163d ago

@ Stiffler: Yeah, makes you wonder why many games still include trophies for the online multiplayer, seems like no one is really happy about those.

DarkOcelet1162d ago

They should simply make the achievements attainable offline or online for those who like to get them online. I remember a game did that in the past and it did it very well actually but i cant seem to remember its name.

I will get all the achievements for this game thats for sure.

Dark_Overlord1162d ago

There's been a few from what I recall, most notably Dungeon Defenders :)

Ratty1162d ago

I know Mass Effect 3 did that but that might not be what you're thinking of since IMO it didn't do it very well. You could get the online trophies offline but the goals took forever if you did.

DarXyde1162d ago


But it does raise some concerns about the longevity of their servers. I guess they want you to be able to obtain a platinum without the network?

My only hope is Konami does one thing right nowadays and keep those servers running.

Nyxus1162d ago

They said there are no plans in place to discontinue the service, and that they don't have an end date in mind.

DarXyde1162d ago

True, but I'm not so sure Konami will commit to that.

I'm just very skeptical of their actions these days.

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The story is too old to be commented.